When I grow up, I want to be like…TIME

Yea. Time.
There are so many qualities that TIME has, that I wish I had. Just imagine what life would be like if you were like TIME. Imagine how much you could impact the lives of those around you. Imagine how the quality and value of your life would dramatically change. If you understand these qualities of TIME and apply the lessons where they fit, that just might be one of your greatest tools of self leadership and ultimately, leadership of others.

Why this obsession with Time? 7 powerful reasons…
1) TIME is sure: No matter what, it is sure. It is dependable and reliable. In any task or goal, it is the one element that will always deliver on its promise to show up exactly the way it is supposed to, every time. People may not show up, resources may come with risk, and the weather may have a mood swing. Not TIME. Oh no. At 12pm, you can surely expect 3pm to be here in 3hrs exactly. It will always be there. It doesn’t have mood swings or off days. It doesn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed and even if it did, it never shows it. There are so many things I want to do for people. I want to positively add value to people and sometimes, I fail to do it as much as I would have loved to. Sometimes due to my human nature and sometimes dues to things outside of my control, I am well, undependable. I wish I was more like…TIME.

2) TIME must be respected: If you treat time like Gold, it will treat you like Gold. If you treat it like crap, it will return the favor and then some. Even the greatest of men have to work around it. It is respected. Economies the globe over, are shaped by how people and machines use TIME. I wish I was more like …TIME

3) TIME is universally understood: Not that the “time of day” is the same everywhere in the world but that TIME is the same everywhere in the world. What I mean by that is that there is never any doubt as to HOW time works anywhere in the world on the basic level of how it is counted. The value placed on how time is SPENT may be different but throughout the world, there is never any doubt about how it works. It doesn’t have to switch its personality or character to fit any environment. It is not bound by nationality, race, ethnicity or color. It functions the same and is accepted everywhere in the world as what it is. To everyone, it I simply TIME. I wish I was more like…TIME

4) TIME is always adding in value: When time is counted, it is additive. It adds in value. I wish I always did that. I really hope that I don’t “remove” from people or from the environments I find myself, but that I add to them…that I am always in adding mode. Even to myself, I wish I was like TIME. Never going backwards…always growing…always increasing. Every time you look at TIME, it goes up. I wish I was more like…TIME

5) TIME is always multiplying in effect: Beyond just adding incremental value, time leaves a multiplied effect. Take working out and eating right for example. It may increase muscle mass or improve muscle tone but the effect will spill over and multiply into our energy level, relationships, mental capacity, length of life and so many other areas…all things being equal. If used well, the positive effect of time well spent is multiplied. I wish I was more like …TIME

6) TIME is just: when I use it wisely, it backs me up. It gives me advantages in life that many only dream of. When I use it wisely, it rewards me handsomely and gives me the strength to keep being efficient. However, when (for whatever reason) I don’t spend it wisely…when I am foolish with it, it rewards me for that too…and it doesn’t hold back. It comes down hard. When I seek to be productive, it aids me. When I am lazy or full of excuses, it comes down hard on me. So that if I listen, I don’t fail again. I want to be that guy for the people in my life. That voice of reason that is objective and pushes people to achieve their highest potential in the lives they were meant to live. I wish I was more like…TIME

7) TIME is always costly and it is always a good investment. It is no fad. It’s not valuable today and then meaningless tomorrow. It’s not the “IN” thing today and then “OLD SCHOOL” tomorrow. Na. Time maintains its value. Time is always costly. The more of it you want, the more you have to pay the price to get it. The less of it you have now so you can have more of it tomorrow, the more of it you will have tomorrow. Yes…you have very little of it today, but the more of it you invest today, the more if it…and all its multiplied effects you will have tomorrow. The more you waste it today, well… you already know the answer to that. It doesn’t depreciate in value. I want to be that way. I wish I was more like…TIME

So there you have it. 7 reasons I want to be like TIME. What about you? Did any resonate? did the article cause a spark in thought? Are you just a tad more motivated? Are you like TIME…or still trying to get there like me?

  • CheeringUon

    I wish I was like Time…………….
    Time flies, always on its A Game it does not procrastinate or wait for no man.
    Time is self motivated and consistent, ticks and tocks in perfect rythm.
    Time does not play favoritism, it shows everyone the equal love of 24hrs.
    Time is a true friend never shy to call you out on your slopiness “hey it’s 8:05am and you are officially late”.
    ………….. I really wish I was like Time.

  • Wow – definitely a new perspective. I love the first point. Time is SURE. There is no argument about how many seconds make a minute, how many minutes makes an hour.Come hell or high waters, Time doesn’t change

  • Mary

    Absolutely loving it. So many of us don’t know how to use our time effectively, but I certainly “want to be like time”.
    Keep it up.

  • Well done sir,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, you did an excellend job breaking down time and the affects that valuing and respecting it can bring to ones life. You realy looked at time from an objective point of vew and made the proper usage of it to be such a added benifit to ones life! The 7 reasons you listed were befinficial to one that is having a tough time mastering the correct usage of time and truley brings a unique clarity to it. Kudos!!!!

  • Sunflower

    Thanks for this message. you have created in me a renewed person who will have valued respect for time. I am so grateful that i came across this website; It is so helpful.

  • ijustmetme

    Great! I am glad!

  • Dayo

    It has taken me a long time to reply because I have been mulling over this. I knew I didn’t want to be like time but I wasn’t sure how to express that.

    I think the author hit on the great characteristics of time.. but to me, time is so fleeting, so annoying, so disruptive of my plans (yes, I’m venting because time is always running from me).

    So, though there are great characteristics of time that I appreciate, I don’t know that I want to be like time.

    • ijustmetme

      I love it! Love your candor. I can totally relate to that feeling of “time running away from me” and “disruptive of my plans”. It TIME was a person; I would probably have given a smack down session already! The interesting this is that once I started to understand and embrace these TRUE characteristics of TIME, it started becoming my friend. It started working for me and helping me accomplish my plans not disrupting them. I think that what you feel is the frustration that can come when we haven’t gotten a solid grasp of our time or when we lose our grasp on it. I still feel this frustration once in awhile but less now than a few months ago. Like I discovered, TIME can be a very good ally :o)

  • Excellent write up…Time also waits for no one but what if you need to just slow down sometimes to help a friend? That little act may be the turn-around time in that person’s life.

  • osas Agho

    wow i am speechless , wonderful thoughts bro. keep it up