No. That is not a typo. This post does not have a title. The content is way too deep and way too subjective. In fact…YOU are going to give this post your own title…or titles. This post is not to entertain you…it is to make to think…to make you change if you need to.

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

A few weeks ago, I saw these satirical illustrations online and they just cut deep into what it is like to live in the world today. If pictures say a thousand words, these say about a hundred thousand each. As you dive in, prepare to feel very uncomfortable as you may see yourself in some of them. In fact I GUARANTEE you’ll find yourself in a few of these images as either representing where you were before, where you are now or where you are speeding towards.

So…what to do with this? SIMPLE: THINK AND CHANGE.

They were posted by “Arteide” (arteide.org). I thank these artists for doing their work.

Here is how I want us to do this:

The interpretation of all these images is all totally left to your imagination. (Although I suspect that many of us may come to the same conclusions about several of them). At the end of the post, I’ll ask you a few questions and we can all have a discussion as a community.

The question here is …WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Here we go:

Unknown Artist

By: (Instagram) @3rdpharaoh

By: Joey Klarenbeek

Unknown Artist

By: Angel Boligan

Unknown Artist

John Holcroft

By: Jean Jullien

Unknown Artist

By: Erika Kuhn

By: Mark Kostabi

By: Touka Neyestani

By: Asaf Hanuka

By: Savannah McH

By: Mario Sanchez Nevado

Scott Hilburn

Unknown Artist

By: Unknown Artist

By: Luis Quiles

By: Tiffany Petitt

Via Psychedelic Art


  1. Which images resonated with you the most…and why? Post a comment
  2. Have a few thoughts on any particular picture? post a comment about that too
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  • Tolu Adegbusi

    I found the image by @3rdpharaoh to be interesting and true. I call it “Point and Shoot” People would rather get a good picture or a good video recording of violence then to step in to help.

    Also, that by Savannah McH is also worth thinking about. Just about every popular Instagram or YouTube blogger look the same-long glossy hair, perfect makeup and “stylish” clothes…even the “i just woke up” or “In bed all day” posts are not fooling anyone, as they seem so staged with everything in its place LOL. Eventually, you begin to expect them to always be and look “on point” with everything in place (I am sometimes guilty of this). God forbid they decide to go show followers the (real) behind the scene image.

    I am sorry but Priorities by Scott Hilburn is hilarious :-D. At first, I thought ” this is a little extreme, and no one can possibly be this stupid.” But then I remember that there are people that live on the internet 24/7, with no concept of the outside world and the inability to relate with “normal” people. So I can understand how making sure that you are always connected to the internet may seem like more of a priority than real life.

  • Several of these were REALLY interesting to me.
    -Like the girl wearing the faces. So true. Just goesto show that with many people, what you see is not what IS. What is also interesting about that is that of the 14 or so faces we can make out, only like 2 of them are actually happy. So ..she has options…just not many good ones.

    -The one about the religion branding was also very in my face. It seems like we all forget that the faiths we call ours were at first handed down to us and. I mean we believe so strongly in our faiths and we wonder why people in other faiths cant JUST come over to our faith. But the reality is that we got a great head start with our faith. Its not an easy thing for someone to change a belief system as fundamental as fail. so have Passon..but have Empathy too.

    -The one by Asaf Hanuka was crazy too. I see the addition to “LIKES”. It IS like a drug and youd be surprised how many people have moved their entire self esteem department to
    facebook. Whats creep about this is that if you talk to them, they don’t even
    see it.

    -The one about facebook eating time and the person crucified to the phone. Those are not even exaggerations anymore. Think about it. What do most of us do when we are bored and literally want to kill time? We go on social media and so it does exactly what we ask it to do. Kill time.

    • Namdi

      We kill time, I guess that makes us murderers.
      I am struck by the unknown artist who depicts how the grass always looks greener on the other side. Jean Jullien captures a lot of relationships these days. We are fast loosing communication skills. I would like to see one depicting slavery. Our phones being the slave masters.

      • Namdi thats a really powerful way to look at it. I think i might borrow that ” I do not do social media when I have human company” Thats really good. Because it snot that social media is bad its what its doing to human company. Good one!

      • DelightsomeSarah Jedidah-Annie


  • Sara Beth Fachetti

    These images are obviously trying to make a statement, and it might be your personal opinion that using electronic devices too much has become detrimental to our society and culture, to which I would agree to an EXTENT. But I personally don’t feel that it’s fair to force that opinion on anyone (not that you are, just stating my opinion) or to say one way or another that it’s either right or wrong. Many people try to create healthy boundaries (as do I) but technology is always going to be a part of our world and lives from now on, and if you try to get off the boat completely, it WILL hurt you – most notably career-wise. Therefore, I think the larger point of the debate of technology use in our lives and culture nowadays is, we need to respect people’s choices as to how they use it.