Do YOUR Work!

I sat there riveted. I was hanging on to every word. It was as if he was calling me out and calling my bluff. “Any second now everyone is going to know he is talking about me” …I thought. It was that powerful. It was a few years ago and I was listening to Myles Munroe.  It’s in Miami, my friends are on the beach but I would have kicked myself if I missed the meeting…and I’m still recovering and I hope I never fully recover.
I didn’t get new information, I got new perspective. That perspective lit a fire under me and sparked a journey to connecting with a part of my higher self.
I am going to give that perspective to you.

Everyone around me today seems to be setting new goals, revisiting old plans, bubbling with new energy. Energy to DO…to BECOME. Everyone seems to want more…to mean more.

People are talking about starting new businesses, some finally getting the courage to start looking for another job so they can leave the one they’ve hated for years and others wanting to start a business on the side. For some its grad school, for others, its one professional certification or the other.

Everyone seems to have a problem with their JOB. It’s not good enough, it doesn’t pay enough, it’s not fulfilling enough, there aren’t enough growth opportunities, they don’t sponsor work visas, there is no work-life balance and so on.

Here are some perspectives about your job from Mr. Munroe, combined with some of my own.

Think HARD about this:



Is what you studied to become Is what you were called to do
Is your source of livelihood Is your outlet to really feel alive
Is based on SKILLS that you acquired Is based on GIFTS that you were born with
Can be taken away from you Is who you are and can’t be taken away
Impacts those defined by your employer Is limitless in impact
Will never allow you to fully CREATE The creative power in your gift is limitless
Will give you aspirations Will give you constant inspiration
Can make you happy Will give you JOY

So the question is: Are you doing your JOB? OR Are you doing your WORK?

Most people who are reading this will probably admit that they are doing their JOB or working towards it. Most will also say that their WORK  is so farfetched because of bills that need to be paid and kids that need to be fed, or school that needs to be attended and other responsibilities to be met.

I get it and here is the good news:

You can start enjoying the feeling of being fully alive, feeling purposeful, feeling like you know where you fit in the world around you by the very act of starting the journey of discovery.

Take the time to discover what your gifts (notice I didn’t say TALENTS) are. If you already have an idea, then dust them off and start using them…start looking for every opportunity to BE and BECOME the totality of that potential. If you already have an idea, then don’t wait. Right there while you have your JOB, start preparing to really BECOME who you already are. If you don’t know, ask yourself these few questions and give it some thought:

1)      What do people compliment you for the most?

2)      Which one of those compliments makes gives ME the most satisfaction?

3)      Who are your heroes and why?

4)      What is it that when you see other people doing very well, you look up to them and even somewhat envy them?  This is maybe  like what people are doing as jobs or businesses (that’s the next question) but this is more of the ”talents/gifts” you’ve identified in people that you thought were amazing (speaking, writing, amazing memory, able to relate with kids, great sense of fashion, human calculator etc) think deeply about this.

5)      What types of business have other people been successful in that made you say “wow…that’s amazing that they can do that and make money…that’s the perfect life!”

6)      What are some things you do and time stops…you don’t feel pressed for time or are not bored from. (This is not just what you do for people but it may be things you do for/with yourself)

7)      When you’re bored, what’s the first thing or two that comes to your mind to do

This isn’t about running off and quitting your job or quitting school so you can pursue your hobby. No. This is about finding and doing the things that add so much value to you and to others, that it eases the pain of entrapment at your Job…or your lack of a job. It’s about making sure that even if you have a Job, there is something you are nurturing… like a fragile flower you are nurturing and helping to blossom.

It’s about being able to define yourself outside of the criteria of business card titles. It’s about meeting people and being able to introduce yourself from the place of “WHO” you are (creative genius, orator, motivator, poverty fighter, executor of ideas, thinker of ideas, organizer, designer, preacher, model, lover of art, fashion icon, deep thinker, custodian of music, storm chaser, writer, listener, philosopher, poet, carpenter…)as opposed to WHAT you are, that someone else labeled you as.

There is something that you are that others are not. There is something that you do that others cannot. There is something you see that others are blind to. There is something you feel that others can’t perceive.

You are obligated to find that thing and DO it. Do it a little or do it a lot…Just DO it. You owe the rest of us.


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