She just might be more into you than you think- The subtle signs that men miss- Part 2

Woman- side glance-iStock_000000665776XSmallThere ARE some good men out there. Unfortunately many of them are not very good at telling when a woman is even somewhat interested in sparking a conversation or in actually starting the “dance” that may lead to a relationship.

You need not suffer not only because of the information I’m about to give you but also because worrying if a woman is interested in you and showing that “worry” is not a good look. Worrying about what she thinks may be the very reason why she may not be attracted to you. It portrays you as weak and insecure, and that’s the vibe she will pick up from you. Women are often attracted to the man who is perceived as totally comfortable in his own skin…who is not worried about what women in the room think. So focus on BEING interesting and appealing in the moment…enjoying yourself… rather than TRYING to be interesting or appealing. Don’t focus on what she thinks…focus on simply BEING….(More on that another day).

If you missed the first three, take a make a quick U-TURN and read them HERE. Here are the other 3.

4) Preening: When a bird is preening, she uses her beak to pick through her feathers to removing any debris, arrange feathers that are out of place, and releasing special oil that is secreted from a gland at the base of the tail to help her feathers stay healthy and shiny. Sound familiar? Let me help. A split second adjustment of her dress, a quick sharp glance at the standing mirror in the room, running her tongue on her teeth while her mouth is closed to make sure there is no lipstick on her teeth, a microsecond touch to her headband, or even a flat out dash to the bathroom the moments after you walk into the room. Not to worry…the sight of you doesn’t make her want to pee. She is preening…unconsciously …without thinking…making sure she is pretty when you are around. So relax and pop your collar. She just might be more into you than you think.

5) She mentions a positive impression someone important in her life has of you, or mentions that they need your help (Mum, Sister etc): “My Mum thinks you’re hilarious”  “My sister thinks you’re smart”  “My sister was wondering if you could help her with…” She may just be saying I think you’re hilarious and I think you’re smart and that’s the impression of you I’ve created with those important to me. She may even say this with a straight face…as if it’s no big deal…as if it’s a side thought and that she doesn’t necessarily share that impression of you with them… but she does. Asking you to do something important for them is also a way for those people to say “we are letting you in”. So relax and rock on. She just might be more into you than you think.

6) Who will be there? You invite her to a party you are hosting or that someone close to you is hosting and she gets very particular about asking who will be there and verifying the names with your past conversations. “Oh that’s your friend from college right?” “Yea that’s your cousin right?” You see, the combination of asking about attendees and then confirming where they fit in your life is what gives it away. She may not be trying to be rude or trying to determine if it’s a party worth coming to (although she might). It may just be her way of trying to get an idea of WHO she has to BE when she is beside you at the party. WHO she will be viewed as at the party (our future sister in-law, your girlfriend or potential girlfriend, just a friend etc), and if she has to act, dress, or be a certain way to confirm it or nip it. She is also trying to gauge your comfort level with her…where you see her fitting in your life so far…or where you may be taking your “friendship”. A party where he barely knows anyone is different from a party where he is the center of attention or surrounded by core people in his life. So if she is asking who will be there in a way that sounds important to her, relax and be smooth. She just might be more into you than you think.

So there you have it. Do I Know it all? Oh no. Like I said before, these are not the “all in all” signs that a woman is ready to enter a committed relationship…but they just might be signs that you have caught her attention…that while the door to her heart room is locked, the door to the house is open and you have the permission to knock. So relax and happy knocking.

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