Monthly archive - August 2013

How to GIVE constructive criticism

IJMm-app-icon-logoIt’s not easy to give constructive criticism. No. Let me rephrase that. It can be VERY hard to give constructive criticism. Yes the receiver has a major responsibility in HOW the message is received but that process of “receiving” becomes significantly easier if you the giver, do it right.Whether it’s a romantic relationship, business relationship, team setting , leader-follower relationship, parent child, sibling, friendship or any other relationship, these points below will not only make people receive your feedback better, but you will also become a trusted ally in the lives of those people. Read more

Virtue Protects Virtue

So what happens when two good people get together? What happens when you virtuous people get together? Well, they protect the virtue in each other. Good people IDENTIFY, PROTECT and INCREASE the good in each other. That’s how relationships grow positively.People who start off as great partners in a relationship often withdraw into average partners because the virtues they personally worked to develop, were not noticed, protected or increased in the relationship. This is important. Read more