Virtue Protects Virtue

So what happens when two good people get together? What happens when you virtuous people get together? Well, they protect the virtue in each other. Good people IDENTIFY, PROTECT and INCREASE the good in each other. That’s how relationships grow positively.People who start off as great partners in a relationship often withdraw into average partners because the virtues they personally worked to develop, were not noticed, protected or increased in the relationship. This is important.

While this video focuses a bit more on protecting each other from premarital sex, the concept is important to understand from a broader perspective in relationships.

Don’t let the good character of your partner go unnoticed. Let them know that you noticed “taking the trash out, cooking even when tired, the calls during the day, the dinners, the help with the kids, not making a mess etc and THEN do the things that will help them feel like continuing to do those things. That’s part of how you help someone get satisfaction out of the relationship.

Do this and you’ll make him/her feel like the very essence of who they are matters.

Let the virtue (GOOD) in you , protect the virtue (GOOD) in them.

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