How do you SMELL?

How do you affect peopleYou’ve seen that movie. Someone is on the run …running through the forest, dodging trees and shrubs. Out of breath, bends over to suck in some oxygen and then continues to run. A few hundred yards behind that person….the pursuers…led by dogs. Dogs that are tracking the scent left behind by the fleeing runner. The pursuers can’t see the runner… but the dogs can still smell him or her.
Usually, the pursuers give the dog something that belongs to the runner and they let the dog smell that shirt, car, glove or whatever, and that becomes a recognizable scent.The runner left that scent and the dogs are barking their way towards it.

Everyone has a “scent” they leave behind. I’m not talking about a physical scent (Although some people leave that too). I am talking about an emotional, psychological or even spiritual scent. When they come around, they make us feel a certain way and when they leave, a certain aura or “scent” remains.

The scope of this article is not to dissect others…it’s to dissect yourself. Yea. YOU. What is the residual emotional, psychological or spiritual scent you bring to a place…or leave behind when you leave a place?

In other words, when people think of you, do they feel that they can pour their heart out to you in their most vulnerable state and know that you’ll be a shoulder to lean on? OR

Do they feel that they can never let you see them weak…that they cannot allow you to see them down? Do they feel like they have to look like they “have it together?”

When someone feels like they have become a punching bag for life’s troubles, are you a bag of ice? A soothing relief…even if temporary? Or are you a mirror that reminds them of how bad they have been beaten up.

Want to experience more satisfaction out of life? Want to have higher self esteem? Want to feel closer to God? Want to feel like you matter in the world? Decide to be that bag of ice. Decide to AFFECT people positively. Decide to be a reminder for people that there is hope…that they are loved…Be the reason why someone decides to try again…to love again…to smile again.

Leave a good “Scent”

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