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How many layers does your man have to peel to see the real you

Barbie Basics No. 5Yes…a woman’s emotions are sometimes like an onion. You have to peel that onion to get to the core. You have to get through several layers to get to the real her…the real crux of what she is about. That said, how many layers does he have to literally peel to get to see the real you?
When he actually gets the opportunity to come close (not necessarily sexually but emotionally or even comfort level-wise) will he be in for a shock? Will he find a totally different person than you “introduced” to him when you first met? Read more

IJUSTMETME is back on EbonyLife TV

Love Lounge Season 2Season one was great. Season two of the Love Lounge is here and IJUSTMETME / Tobi Atte is back on as a contributor.  So many deep relationship issues: The Cheating Flirt, For Love or Money, Behind Closed Doors: Sex and sexuality, interracial unions, The Down Low, Commitment, Cultural influences, Arranged marriages, Domestic Abuse, Submission/Domination, Romance and Finance and much more. Read more

HUSBANDS: 10 things to do to make your wife go GOOGOOGAGA over you (without spending money) Pt1

Happy Woman - iStock_000017408587XSmallThey say wives can be expensive. They say you have to spend money to make and keep her happy. While I don’t think it should be that way, I know there is a truckload of truth to it.On the flipside however, I know that wives and women in general crave more than just “things”. In fact, many women will tell you that there are many things that you can do that money can’t buy, that will keep you on their mind for days. No Dollars, Pounds, Naira or currency needed.She will go crazy over you. Read more