Pt 2: How to become indispensable at work – maybe even promoted – Pt 2

Corporate Ladder - iStock_000022398752XSmallRecently, I gave you the first 7 secrets to being noticed (maybe even promoted) at work. You can make a U-turn now and read it. Don’t delay. Start doing those things now. Those that are being promoted around you are not necessarily better than you…they are just doing some of these important things well. Here are the other 7.
Save this article. You are going to need it. Don’t forget to comment at the bottom if you need any help or just want to share how any of these points have helped.

Here we go:

8)  Leave the extreme emotions at the door: This will be short. If you have to cry, go to the bathroom or your car. If you feel like punching the wall, do it in your head. There is nothing wrong with being upset at work or being extremely happy but do not go extreme at work. In fact I dare say don’t go extreme on the good or bad side. If you get a dream promotion, don’t cry while giving your acceptance speech. If you get a raise, don’t jump up and down and do the wiggle. Keep cool, stay calm. It says a lot negatively about you if you if you don’t. It says you don’t have control over your emotions. Who wants to make that type of persona leader? Don’t be that person.

9)  Be a star maker. Help others succeed: Team leaders always want people on their team that will make them look like a star. In fact, even fellow team members want that too. It’s the reason why some people always end up being picked first to join teams. And that’s unfortunately why some people just don’t get picked…or get picked last. Never ever be afraid to help others succeed. Make your boss a star. In fact…that coworker that got promoted, call him/her up and literally say “how is it coming along? Let me know if I can do anything to help you in your new role” in fact, don’t even wait. Anytime you find something that will be useful for them, do it or send it. As they climb up, they will suck you up with them.

10)  Brush up on your communication/presentation skills: I don’t care what you do for a living. You NEED this. Understand this and don’t ever forget it. Great communicators are always looked at to help ARTICULATE ideas. Those who help articulate ideas are usually called to REPRESENT ideas and those who represent ideas are looked at to LEAD ideas. Start with your mirror, graduate to your friends/family and sooner than you think, you’ll be able to handle the masses or the intimidating audience at work.

11)  Chase referent power instead: Too many times, we are after positional power at the expense of referent power. Positional power comes from the “Title” but the title doesn’t always guarantee the perhaps more important thing that referent power provides: Trust and Respect. It is almost magical what can happen to your career if you have the trust and respect of your coworkers. I worked at a company for a few years where the trust and respect from my coworkers and supervisors carried me beyond any title could have. I was looked at to help make decisions that affected the team, I was looked at by the team as the surrogate team leader when the manager was not around and issues of conflict were brought to me to help resolve.

So how do you gain the trust, respect, and ultimately referent power from your peers and supervisors?

a)  Be totally dependable. Period. Show up to work and do your job well. No excuses.

b)  Never EVER use what you know about a person’s personal life against them. EVER. Its career suicide. Once it gets out you will sweat to regain public trust.

c)   Once in a while, connect with people…show that you actually care about the people you work with. I used to look out for when people were stressed, and help people in ways that will make their lives (not just their jobs) better.

d)  Have a strong moral compass. People may not come out and say it, but it makes them trust you more and they are happy you have it.

12)  You were NOT hired ONLY because you fit the job description… so act beyond the job description. Why do I say that? Because in most cases, the job description is just the minimum requirement. What employers are really looking for is what more you can do beyond that to add value to the organization. Employers want to the unique contribution you can make to the organization. So think along those lines. “How can my contribution be unique” “How can I add value beyond my job description” “How can I show that I can do more”.

13)  Have a network outside your company…and don’t be afraid to be known for it: Don’t make the mistake of being relevant only in the organization you work for. Its career suicide. It will mean your success or failure is made or broken by your current organization. What you need to do is make lots of connections in your industry (especially respected organizations within your industry) and not be afraid to show it. Of course keep company policies in mind and don’t leak company secrets to competitors because you are trying to chummy up with the neighbors. Go to industry conferences and work hard on maintaining those new relationships. Help those friends solve problems at their organizations (again keep non-compete policies in mind) and have them help you solve problems as well. Imagine being in a meeting about a problem in your department and being able to say “Hmm you know my contacts at xyz company also had that problem…I wonder how they handled that. Ill reach out and ask”.

What you will communicate is that you are RELEVANT OUTSIDE those doors and it will encourage them to believe that you are RELEVANT INSIDE those doors.

14)   Pray: Part of the advantage of being a Christian is that you can put even your work environment under the authority of Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christian/believer you are probably saying “what! How is that even possible?” Well, I speak from personal experience when I say that it does and can happen. You see, nothing “just” happens and there are unseen forces that affect what happens to us and around us. That’s not to say that your boss is the wicked witch of the west or some sorcerer. But those who make your life difficult may not even know how they affect you. The enemy of your soul may just use their nonchalance or disdain for you, to really put a wrench in your destiny and prayer makes a difference. I have used prayer to affect my environment at a company I worked at for many years. (That’s a story for another day) it works. It simply does. Never tried it? Do. What do you have to loose… if you are a Christian, you know what to do. If you are not, it’s easy. Simply have a heart to heart with Jesus Christ, acknowledge that you need him to come into your life and make a difference. Trust me…an inexplicable peace will be yours way beyond your career.

There you have it. Start doing this things fast. Save this article somewhere you can easily reach it. Post questions in the comments and I will be happy to help you.

You deserve a better career. I say again that you already know that because many of the people that have gotten promotions around you are not necessarily “better” than you. They are just probably doing one of these things right.

Sharing is caring. You probably know a few people who need this. Share….and good luck in the belly of the corporate beast.

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