HUSBANDS: (Pt 2)10 things to do to make your wife go GOOGOOGAGA over you (without spending money)

Happy Woman - iStock_000017408587XSmallOk…so a few weeks ago, ijustmetme readers got the first 5 tips on how to make your wife go googoogaga over you without spending money. Read it HERE. Well, word got to the awesome folks at Bella Naija ( and I was happy to send this next installment to them to publish first before it hit ijustmetme.
So…for those that missed the initial release on BN a few days ago, here you go.
Hubbys…If you do these things, then you are going to enjoy the googoogaga juice that will wash all over wifey. What’s the googoogaga juice? It’s the stuff that makes her giddy over you. It’s the stuff that makes her crazy about her man.

It’s a crazy secret that many men need to understand and many women wish men did. Nice things are nice…but a man that can get her internal pot boiling with love is a keeper. So get ready…pick a comfortable reading position and have all your married male friends on speed dial so you can send them (and their wives) this article. Enjoy.

Here you go

Look at her…WITH KNOWLEDGE: Yup. It’s that simple. Sometimes we men are so caught up with the rigor of life and “stuff” that we forget how to “TAKE HER IN”. I don’t mean glance at her. NO. Look at her right there at home like someone who is seeing her for the blessing that she really is. You see, many men probably looked at her today. The guy at the bus stop, the client at the office, the guy at the airport, the taxi driver stealing glances in his rear view mirror, the bank teller….they checked her out but they didn’t have KNOWLEDGE of her. They saw her for a tiny piece of who she is based on what they saw on the outside. But YOU…MR HUSBAND. YOU have a major advantage over those men outside. You have KNOWLEDGE that they don’t. You know how she is much more than all those good external features.  You know the woman that comes home to slave away in the kitchen…who makes sure that you have eaten well before she rests. You know the woman who readily gives her body to you time after time regardless of how she is feeling. You know the mother of your children, your number one fan, the person that laughs at your jokes and makes you feel like you’re the man. You know the woman that has chosen to keep believing in you even though you haven’t struck gold yet.

Look at her with those thoughts running through your mind and you will find yourself looking at her with a different kind of look. When she sees you looking at her, she will recognize the look and when she does, tell her what you were reflecting on and watch her eyes light up like bonfire!

Tell her to kneel down:  Pick a time…anytime and Yes Hubbys, tell your wife to kneel down…and then pray for her. Bless her. Put her in Gods care. Seriously prophesy into her life…into her future. Aside from the fact the answered prayers will be beneficial both for you and her, the googoogaganess that comes out of it will put you in the “Thank you God for this awesome husband” category for daaaaysss. Dude. Your wife will have pep in her step that she won’t be able to explain.

Do it in the morning and she won’t be able to get you out of her mind all day. Do it before she cooks and your food will unite with the universe and your stomach.  When a woman gives herself to a man, moments like this make it all worth it and strengthens her to continue to do so. We men sometimes get carried away by asserting our physical leadership but I tell you… the tickle is different for her when you collaborate with God on your wife’s behalf. This is MAJOR googoogaga medicine and there can be no overdose.

Listen with your Eyes, Ears, and Heart. BE PRESENT: I know…even I am guilty of this. You know…ladies like to talk…they want to talk about everything and sometimes we men revert to the most basic of verbal communication during her story telling. “Uh huh” “yea” “sure” “grunt” “what?” “oh ok” and 45 minutes later,  your head starts to hurt . I get it but you know what, there is some googoogaga juice in that scenario. Today, just decide to tune in. REALLY tune in. Look her in the eye as she is telling you this story. Like she is describing the most important discovery in the world since the discovery of fire. Be engaged. Let your face reflect the emotions that are coming from what she is saying. It will be so different from your normal behavior that she might stop halfway through and look at you funny. Play it cool. It’s her googoogaga juice that’s starting to flow… so indulge her sometimes.  At least she will no longer be able to say “you NEVER listen to her”. She will also thank you and repay the attention…because a man that takes time to listen to his woman may have just opened the door so that he can ask her for anything. I think I should have charged you for that one.

Ask for help with a life issue… not just with errands: We men sometimes find it easier to share the OPERATIONAL burden of running the family but we don’t often share the VISIONARY burden. We partner with our wives on stuff that has to be done but not on deciding what to do. We partner with our wives on picking the kids, dropping of stuff at the post office, grocery shopping, car sharing, scheduling, sex, more sex, and all these operational things that get us through the day. But when was the last time you sat your wife down and asked her for her thoughts and help on creating a vision for the family for the next year? When was the last time you got your bonus check or salary, and came home, sat your wife down and asked for her advice on how that money should be spent? When was the last time you asked for her advice on what to do about your career and the direction its going?

This is googoogaga juice depot right here. Do this and you would have met one of her most important needs: Self Actualization. This is big boy stuff. When you partner with your wife like this, it speaks volumes. Beyond saying in words, you say in action that you value her, you honor her…you say to her that she is not just an accessory on the journey of your life but a PARTNER. I don’t care if you have no money in your pocket when you do this, your wife’s heart will swell and googoogaga juice will flow out. She will return the honor and the respect a hundred fold.

Utilize her. Unleash your wife to be the LIFE PARTNER that she has the potential to be and watch your marriage go from cloud 5 to cloud 9.

The Soak: This is one of the easiest yet most powerful googoogaga juice extraction methods known to man…yet many men don’t ever do it. In fact it’s the best of both worlds. It will send a million colorful butterflies flapping around in her stomach for you….and you don’t even have to get all mushy or emotional to get it done.

Ready? Soak and massage her feet. I’m not talking about robbing her feet while you watch TV …NO.

After a long day, tell her in your deep manly voice and matter-of-factly, to sit down and order her not to move from there or else there will be severe consequences and world war 10 will start.

Soak her feet in some warm water for a few minutes and leave while she marinates in the situation.

Return with a towel and lotion. Dry and massage feet with lotion. Enough said.  By the time you are done with this, even her saliva will be googoogaga juice. You will see that she will listen to you and there won’t be much drama in the house. (At least for a few days). All that “attitude” she has been getting will just find a hole to crawl into. She will give you a look that says “You are the Maaaaaannnn” “I soooo married right”.

This will take no more than 20 minutes but the rewards are endless.

So there you have it. You have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to make any wife thank God she said yes to you. Do these things and you will enjoy googoogaga returns on your investment. Do these things and your wife will repay you many times over. Happy Juicing and don’t forget to share!

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