Monthly archive - April 2014

One CRITICAL question you should ask yourself before you take that relationship to the next level

PhotoGrid_1398738130705We are often so obsessed with taking the relationship to the “next level”. Many people are so obsessed with getting a commitment from the other personand many are under intense pressure to define that relationship or escalate it.
There is nothing wrong with defining a relationship. In fact it is VERY important to do so early in the relationship… but that’s not what this article is about.  This article is about taking a step back to see if you should.

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7 Life and Faith lessons from an unexpected place: Grand Central Terminal, NY

Grand Central TerminalRecently, I was meeting someone for a coaching session and Grand Central Terminal in New York was the agreed meeting point. I got there a bit earlier and just stood in the main concourse…lost in the flurry of activity and movement for a few minutes. I realized that I was lost in the grandness of Grand Central (No pun intended) and some interesting lessons surfaced. Read more

IJustMetMe Survey Results…and what it means to you!

IJMm-iconI am ssooooo excited as I write this.A couple of weeks ago, I published a reader survey (SEE IT HERE) and asked readers their thoughts on how to help them even more than before. The feedback was incredible. I am so glad I did that.
This post will talk about some of those survey results but MORE IMPORTANTLY, the changes that I have made as a result. (Read all the way down to see those changes!) Read more