IJustMetMe Survey Results…and what it means to you!

IJMm-iconI am ssooooo excited as I write this.A couple of weeks ago, I published a reader survey (SEE IT HERE) and asked readers their thoughts on how to help them even more than before. The feedback was incredible. I am so glad I did that.
This post will talk about some of those survey results but MORE IMPORTANTLY, the changes that I have made as a result. (Read all the way down to see those changes!)

What I learnt about you from the survey (At least the general gist…don’t want to bore you with the detailed report)

1) 39% of you read my posts via email and 53% of you actually follow the link back to the website to read it there

2) The top three things that you want me/IJustMetMe to do next:
a) Write more articles (61.90%)
b) Write a book (50%)
ci)THIS WAS A TIE: Come speak at your church or organization (42.86%)
cii) THIS WAS A TIE: Have a Radio Show (42.86%)

3) Top keywords/phrases for what you like most about IJustMetMe content: The simplicity, relevance, writing style is conversational, VERY thought provoking, practical, has a God factor, had “light bulb” moments, uses real life to explain spiritual things, and good use of humor.

4) Top Keywords/phrases for the area of your life that IJUSTMETME has helped you the most?: Relationships (with God and people), Career, My sense of maturity, My faith, confirming that I am not alone in what I am going through (that was really powerful), It has helped the people I share the articles with, Self Confidence, looking within myself for answers

5) Top areas where you are having challenges in life:
a) Being a better Christian (65.85%)
bi) THIS WAS A TIE: Managing the “Single” life (63.41%)
bii) THIS WAS A TIE: Dating/Courtship relationship issues (63.41%)
c) Life decision issues (43.90%)

That’s just part of the survey that I thought was important to share. Now to the good stuff…what changes have I made in response?

A) NEW EMAIL DELIVERY: Many of you read my posts mainly through email and via the website, so I have made significant changes to both. As you can see…(especially for those of you who have been getting emails) I have upgraded the layout design of the email delivery. It features the content of the post and, updates/announcements on the right side menu, access to connect and share on social media and so on.

B) NEW “BOOKS & RESOURCES” Page on IJustMetMe: On this page I recommend books and resources that have helped me personally and ones that have helped the people I coach. In fact, this page was requested by many of them (Take a look at the new page HERE!)

C)  A NEW SPEAKING PAGE: Almost half of the survey respondents indicated they wanted me to speak at their organization so I have updated my speaking page with a LOT MORE information about my speaking engagements, my calendar and most importantly a very quick way to find out about my booking availability. Take a look HERE

D)  NEW PERSONAL COACHING CONSULTATION PAGE: Many people have also indicated that they may be interested in one on one coaching. Now you can reach out to me about personal coaching. I have also included an opportunity for a free consultation. Take a look HERE!

E) New Partnership with NEWDradio! Many people have been asking for this and its finally here. I am happy to announce a partnership with NEWDradio. I will be co-hosting GPS ME! On “The Naked Truth” show that is on NEWDradio. This will happen once a month on Friday. (I will put radio dates on the new calendar on the website) NEWDradio is the radio source for the artsy, independent-thinking twenty-something and “The Naked Truth” (where GPS ME! will be hosted) is the talk show about culture, music, spirituality and trending topics. Click HERE for more

F)  A NEW SUBSCRIPTION process: This is HUGE. Now, I have a way to send you REALLY RELEVANT Content based on your subscription profile. So if I come across content specific to married couples, I can send to just them. OR If I have relevant content for single ladies or single men, I can send to just them too.

So what should you do now?

Only one thing. Go to the website and hit the subscribe button to UPDATE YOUR PROFILE so that you are in the right category and you’ll start getting RELEVANT content when they go out. You can do that by clicking HERE. It’ll take you 30 seconds

So…in summary, IJustMetMe just got a whoooollle lot better. Stay tuned!


Tobi Atte

PS: As with most technology launches, there may be bugs and kinks that need to be worked out…just let me know as you come across them.