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Joint V.S Separate accounts- The underlying relationship issues we are not talking about

Joint or Separate accounts? It’s the question many couples (Especially new ones) are trying to figure out. That topic can ruin an evening at the speed of light and for many, it’s a deal breaker for some before the relationship even starts. So what’s the deal with it?

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This is such a major issue that I have decided to finally write about  because I have gotten a lot of questions about it and I have seen quite a number of cases on the issue. More importantly, I hear/see a lot of content about the pros and cons, about what circumstances you may choose to have joint or separate accounts and so on, but I don’t hear or see much about the underlying issues that are at play. Read more

So how did The CONVO-Lagos Edition go?

So as many of you know, I recently hosted one of IJustMetMe’s signature events…The CONVO (on August 23rd, 2014). It was held at the absolutely gorgeous Nike Art Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria and it was simply amazing. (See pictures below)

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