So how did The CONVO-Lagos Edition go?

So as many of you know, I recently hosted one of IJustMetMe’s signature events…The CONVO (on August 23rd, 2014). It was held at the absolutely gorgeous Nike Art Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria and it was simply amazing. (See pictures below)


So instead of just telling you how I amazing I think it went, I’ll let some of the folks that were there share that. (See links below.)

I really appreciated the intimate setting of the event and I was just thoroughly impressed by how engaged the audience was. It was colorful, deep, engaging and just such a pleasure. Did I mention…a couple of people who had been at The CONVO in New York were also at The CONVO in Lagos!!! Amazing!!

At the end of the day, it’s all about the people and I am so thankful to have met some really amazing people at /through the event.

So here we go: First, some comments from people who attended the event: (Again remember there is a link to the FULL Photo Album below)

“I was so impressed. Do you know I sat through a 4/5 hour talk without falling asleep? I guess Tobi can do that. He’s got a good sense of humour and he delivered. Next time you see any of his events. Do attend. You won’t regret it.” – Sisi Yemmi

“I had a mind-blowing time there! …and Mr Tobi just confirmed that I am at this singlehood season of my life for a reason. God is teaching me sooo much.” -F.O

“It was an event of deep Godly words on relationships.The deep words I heard from Tobi are just so much, I don’t even know what to write on…peeps should just have attended for themselves, that’s all I can say.” F. O

“I learnt so many things and a lot of what he said gave me food for serious thought. It was practical enough for me to actually evaluate my relationships and nod (you know that kind of deep nod when that word is for you…) at different points of his very engaging presentation. It helped a lot that he infused his presentation with visual aids, videos and a very good sense of humour!” – 1+TheOne

“I love Tobi’s interpretations and views, so real!” – Debby D

“Very insightful & deep truths with lots of food for thought to reflect and work on/through. I totally agree with you on the head nod. Kudos to Tobi Atte. We look forward to CONVO season2 already:)” – Dami

Below are two of the awesome bloggers that were there and blogged about the event. When you read their posts about the event, take time to read their other content as well. Their blogs are fun, fresh and insightful.

Sooo…this is what they had to say about the event!

This is from the awesome Ayo Thompson at 1 + The One:

And the fabulous Sisi Yemmi:

Here are a few pictures from the event (TO SEE FULL ALBUM, CLICK THIS LINK TO THE IJustMetMe Facebook ALBUM HERE):

 Convo collage 1-Fotor0904101831lagos convo collage 2 -Fotor0904102827TO SEE FULL ALBUM, CLICK THIS LINK: