The Pink Hill Moment…have you had one lately?

Even in your chaotic-“seemingly “uneventful life, you can experience a taste of Heaven.

It had been a long day. This was my fourth city in a 5 city/5 day swing on business. I was driving from Greenville, North Carolina to Wilmington, North Carolina. I entered a certain town and let me tell you. It didn’t tickle my fancy.

It felt like there was nothing and no one there. It was like those isolated towns we see in movies with probably one mechanic, no grocery store, barely a gas station and buildings that looked like they were 200 years old. I barely saw a human being.

Pink Hill Sunset

In fact as of last year, the official population of Pink Hill was 546. Yea that’s it.

All these thoughts were going through my mind…about how isolated this place seemed and how lifeless it seemed when  I looked up, and out of nowhere there was this sunset that was jaw dropping. The picture I took did it absolutely no justice.

It looked like liquid light. Like a thick golden substance was pouring on the earth from the heavens. Like molten lava.

The reflection on the trees was almost exactly like that of when you shine a flash light into the trees…like a giant flash light was flashing on the earth.

It took my breath away…not just from the perspective of its beauty but there was something about it that made it particularly special- the surrounding. It was the most amazing sunset I had even seen and yet it was over a place that was on the opposite spectrum of magnificence.

I was glued. I couldn’t get my eyes off it as I drove and suddenly I felt the Holy Spirit as he began to put my heart in a state of incredible peace.

Then he began to speak into my heart….and the thoughts were beautifully encouraging.

I had to share:

1. Just like that sunset didn’t need a perfect backdrop to shine on, God doesn’t need your life to be perfect before his Glory comes down into your life.

He doesn’t need a special landing pad.

People may look at you and not see much… but that’s often where God likes to descend …so that there is no competition for his Glory. So that it’s clear that HE makes the difference in your life.

God can show you his glory in your ordinariness and give you an overwhelming peace that all will be well.

You may be ashamed of yourself but God is not ashamed of you.

2. People may judge you too quickly but when God shows up in your life in a special way, it changes the impression people have of you: When I entered Pink Hill, I had all these negative thoughts about it. In fact, all I wanted to do was drive past it. There was nothing exciting on the outside. In fact, I didn’t bother to find out what the name of the town was. (Actually, I didn’t even think it was an actual town)

However, that changed the moment I saw the sunset. After staring at the sunset for moment, I desperately started looking for signs that said the name of the town. I panicked at the thought of leaving the town without knowing its name. It suddenly became relevant.

There was nothing memorable about the town of Pink Hill. In fact it was a town that I would not have remembered as soon as I drove past it but I now remember it for good because of the sunset I saw there and the encounter I had with God there.

There is a way that the Glory of God can show in your life that people will forget about your negatives and only remember the Glory of God upon your life.

Look…I don’t know what you are going through and I don’t know how desolate your life looks like right now. All I know is that a little town I thought was irrelevant on Thursday now became the basis of the sermon I preached on Sunday.

You are valuable. No matter what the feedback you are getting from your environment. No matter how your environment looks right now. You are relevant and your life doesn’t have to be perfect before the Glory, Goodness and overwhelming Peace of God shows up in your life.

You know, something interesting happened between God and Moses in Exodus 33:18-19. Moses asks God “Show me your glory”, and God replies “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

Did you get that? Moses asks to see Gods glory and God responds by talking about his goodness, proof that he is God, his mercy, and his compassion! In other words, God was helping Moses (and us) define what his glory was! So Gods glory isn’t always the thunder and lightning and fire from heaven or some majestic out-of-this-world event. No…Gods glory can simply be displayed in his goodness, the testimony he gives you to prove to you that he is indeed God, his mercy, and his compassion upon your life.

So amazing.

So I wish you God’s glory and a Pink Hill moment today.

Have you ever had a moment like that? Share!!! -Briefly share the moment, and then share the feeling it gave you. So for example: I had a moment like that one time when……….. and i felt an incredible sense of ……………..



  • frances

    I’ve had thoughts since law school results were released and I just read a post on faith and God answering just before I saw ur post notifications and I was just thinking, what about those whose faith don’t give them the things they want? What about those that God doesn’t answer, what is He saying then? What does He want to use that circumstance to do?
    A part of me replied that maybe He just wants me to see that He comes in even in emptiness and near nothing so He can turn all around and that too takes faith to believe that He can..
    And then I come here and I see “you don’t have to be perfect for Him to shine His glory on you”..
    And i’m thinking, maybe, just maybe God wants to use the near nonsense in my life(this case my results) to show that He is God indeed.
    God indeed over everything..and when His glory comes, I will know with no iota of doubt that that was ALL GOD!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Frances, thanks for your courage in sharing your thoughts. Its so easy to proclaim our faith when things are rosy but it takes special courage and grace to lift up weary hands and hearts to still declare that God is still on his throne. God bless you!

  • Olu

    I saw a double rainbow once in Ilorin, Nigeria while I was serving, it was at the end of a long day of work at the computer school where I was serving, I gone through a continuous cycle of frustration and encouragement about being in Ilorin but seeing that those two rainbows that day made me so happy and gave me such peace, i took a number of pictures on my old phone, that was sometime in 2011. A worthwhile “pink hill” moment

    • Great! Thats it! It’s moments like that, that give us the encouragement we need for that specific moment! You FELT something because of something that God, not man put in place. Awesome. Thanks for sharing

  • Namdi

    ive got my one claim to photography some months ago, i was taking a long trip away from home and felt pretty lonely and apprehensive of what lay ahead. it was God reminding me that he reigns in the affairs of men.
    Location: somewhere above the arabian desert.

    • Yesss Namdi! That is beautiful! How amazing that he can reach and touch you anywhere..even in the skies! Thanks for sharing!

  • StupendousGrace

    Wow!!! Finally made it here.
    Thank you Tobi for your timely post. Twas a blessing to read it
    I had a moment some days ago when I was feeling so low so I didn’t drive to work that day. Hitched a ride with a friend in the morning and planned to take a cab home. I turned down some offers to drop me off as I just wanted the quiet on the drive home. So I hailed a random cab and started my journey home. First thing I noticed was how relaxed felt as I settled in and then the driver started to make small talk and then our spirits connected. My!!! I couldn’t believe it as I listened to him encourage me and affirm words God had been speaking to me. It felt so surreal and I felt an incredible sense of peace and joy. I was not alone, God was not so far away. Even now I still have goose flesh remembering that evening.
    Sometimes we look for God and restrict Him to ‘ finger of God’ moments like the sun standing still for Joshua and when those don’t happen we feel sorely disappointed. But the truth is that everyday, we see the ‘hand of God’ at work in what He permits us to see and do. Like He did with this taxi ride, sometimes God just eases down into our immediate environment from heaven to reassure us that He is not so far away. Your post just helped me actively identify several Pink Hill moments albeit retrospectively, and made me look at those moments differently and with deep gratitude. God is right there and this made me more determined to thank Him for all the things He does that I don’t know He does.He surely is an amazing God.
    Thank you for being a part of the finger of God move for my today. Reading this post encouraged me very deeply. God’s glory is also His goodness in my life. It is the many amazing often indescribable ways through which He assures me of His presence with me and the testimony that won’t leave my lips.
    Ooops…lengthy comment.
    Thanks again for this post, one thing I can say without a doubt, Jehovah always has the final say!!

    • I love it!! Awesome story. In a taxi cab??? I cant. Did you notice that it was when you successfully got away from everyone that God was able to speak clearly to you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tayo

    I just have to say an amen all through reading this article. amen and amen again
    Just so powerful. God bless you more and more for sharing this in an enlightening way