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8 Excuses You Should STOP Making In Your Relationship Or Marriage

8 Excuses you should stop making in your relationship or marriage

We are not perfect. None of us are…but we are responsible for constant improvement. Even wine…an inanimate thing, gets better with time. We all have flaws and some negative tendencies…..but that’s all they are. Those natural or self-made tendencies shouldn’t utterly and totally define us to the point that we can’t change or evolve. Unless you are a piece of metal, there is and must always be room for improvement ESPECIALLY in relationships…and yes…even metal gets some of its value because of its ability to be shaped into what is needed. So what’s your excuse for not changing again? Read more

How To Break Up…Without Breaking The Person

How to break up without breaking the person

A break up can make or break a person. Literally. It can affect their world view…it can affect how they see people and how they navigate through life. What’s worse is that the longer and more serious the relationship was, the worse the negative effects can be if the breakup is not done right.  Read more