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How To Be There For Someone Going Through A Rough Time

How To Be There For Someone GoingAt one point or the other, someone you care about is going to be in pain or discomfort. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, financially…it’s inevitable. It’s bound to happen and yet, many of us are totally ill equipped to be there for people who need us the most in the way that matters the most.

This is no small problem. It’s the reason why relationships of all kinds end. Businesses lose customers, churches lose members, people break up, marriages end, people get fired, people quit jobs, and siblings fight. Pain Management.   Read more

9 Relationship And Wedding Lessons From A BOLD Couple On Their Wedding Day

Lessons From Bold Couple

I came across this video a few months ago and I just cant get enough of it.

Before you watch this, get ready. If you’re married, you might feel like having another wedding. If you’re not, you’ll feel like “wow this is how I want to feel on that day”. If you’re in a relationship, you might think “whoa…I’d like my marriage or relationship to feel like this” Read more

A LOADED GUN Relationship or Marriage

A Loaded Gun Relationship Or Marriage

“Pishaun!” “Pishaun!” I yelled as I ducked behind the yellow couch in our living room many years ago as a kid. My younger brother and I played war games all the time growing up. “Pishaun!” I yelled again as I pointed my toy gun and sent an imaginary bullet towards my opponent on the other side of the room…hoping to silence him for the afternoon. Did it work? Did he show respect for his older brother? NO. He sent imaginary bullets, grenades and missiles. Read more