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I DON’T Want A Good Relationship…

I dont want a good relationship

Good relationships are well, “good”. I just want more.
There is something better that I am looking for and no …it’s not a “better” relationship or a “great” relationship. Too cliché. Read more

Life and Faith Lessons From An Unexpected Place: Marinating And Barbecuing

Barbecuing Steak

I love me some marinated stuff.

A good marinade can transform a bland filet of fish or steak into a fiercely delicious delicacy.
Just let your mouth water as you think about marinated potatoes, marinated steak…fish, marinated chicken. Think about the flames engulfing marinated ribs and just let the saliva gather at the base of your mouth….

Ok enough….you get the picture. So what in the world does this have to do with life or faith lessons? Read more