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How Women (Even Good Ones) Are Set Up For Relationship And Marriage Frustration

How women -even good ones- are set up for relationship and marriage frustration
This is going one of “those” articles. Yea… one of those in true (IJustMetMe fashion) where you are going to need to decide right from the beginning if you’re going to read with an open mind because you might actually get something transformational and valuable, OR if you’re already upset that there is even an article or discussion with a title like this. Read more


No. That is not a typo. This post does not have a title. The content is way too deep and way too subjective. In fact…YOU are going to give this post your own title…or titles. This post is not to entertain you…it is to make to think…to make you change if you need to.

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

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New LIFE Resolutions Pt 5: You Might Fail This Year Unless You…

There it is. I said it. You might fail again this year…and its true. It sucks but perhaps you need to hear that. Those goals you are setting for the new year…this is not their first rodeo. They’ve been around but have never been realized. Why? Oh I don’t know…a percentage of the reasons for failure in those areas may be legit. If that’s true for you? Kudos to you for trying again.

However, there are tons of people out there who ARE the reasons why they fail and you just might be one of them. There may be some things you need to fundamentally change not just about WHAT goals you set, but HOW you plan to execute. Your goals may be great but, there may be some fundamental inner-person-deep-mind paradigm shifts you need to make, in order to be successful.
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