No. That is not a typo. This post does not have a title. The content is way too deep and way too subjective. In fact…YOU are going to give this post your own title…or titles. This post is not to entertain you…it is to make to think…to make you change if you need to.

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

A few weeks ago, I saw these satirical illustrations online and they just cut deep into what it is like to live in the world today. If pictures say a thousand words, these say about a hundred thousand each. As you dive in, prepare to feel very uncomfortable as you may see yourself in some of them. In fact I GUARANTEE you’ll find yourself in a few of these images as either representing where you were before, where you are now or where you are speeding towards.

So…what to do with this? SIMPLE: THINK AND CHANGE.

They were posted by “Arteide” (arteide.org). I thank these artists for doing their work.

Here is how I want us to do this:

The interpretation of all these images is all totally left to your imagination. (Although I suspect that many of us may come to the same conclusions about several of them). At the end of the post, I’ll ask you a few questions and we can all have a discussion as a community.

The question here is …WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Here we go:

Unknown Artist

By: (Instagram) @3rdpharaoh

By: Joey Klarenbeek

Unknown Artist

By: Angel Boligan

Unknown Artist

John Holcroft

By: Jean Jullien

Unknown Artist

By: Erika Kuhn

By: Mark Kostabi

By: Touka Neyestani

By: Asaf Hanuka

By: Savannah McH

By: Mario Sanchez Nevado

Scott Hilburn

Unknown Artist

By: Unknown Artist

By: Luis Quiles

By: Tiffany Petitt

Via Psychedelic Art


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