When Christian Men Are Asked About Their Spiritual Lives On Dates

How do Christian men take that? Some women say that some men are either offended, get uncomfortable and or even annoyed!

If the man is a Christian, why should he be uncomfortable when asked about his Christian life on a date?

It’s a legitimate question.

When Christian Men Are Asked About Their Spiritual Lives On DatesOne of the IJustMetMe readers wrote me and said:

“I just read your two articles on 11 reasons why single Christian men cant find their Ruth, Mary and why Christian women cant find their Boaz. (See below the video for the links to the articles). I just have a question. Do Christian men find it annoying when their sisters in Christ ask about how their spiritual life is going? Not in a way to intrude but out of care and maybe a little bit of concern and just so that they can encourage. I sometimes get the sense that Christian guys get uncomfortable.”

Well, let me say upfront that WHAT is being asked IS an important question or an important issue to resolve if it is important to you…the discomfort comes in “HOW it is being asked”.

I decided to break it down on video. Take a look:

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