I’ve Been Pregnant for 11 Months – Meet the Baby!

I have waited for this moment for months. So many dates have been set and then postponed. This journey has changed my life in so many ways and I couldn’t have envisioned a better end result.

People have been abuzz about this for the better part of this year and I am now able to reveal this baby.
Remember those times I mentioned that something amazing is brewing at IJustMetMe?

Well, let me present:


READY FOR FOREVER. A Transformative 6 Week Course (With Lifetime Access) For Unmarried Christians (And Newlyweds) On What They Need To LEARN, HEAL, and DEAL With To Be Ready For and Have the Fulfilling Marriage They Really Want.

It’s the baby I’ve been working on for about a year and it’s the big reveal you’ve all been waiting for.

So…for only one week, the registration will be open for enrollment and you have a chance to be a part of it so hurry and get your spot.

I have also decided to give you 10% off if you use this coupon code: rffijmm10

Here is the link to the full breakdown of the course:
TAKE A LOOK (Be ready to be a little blown away!) www.ijustmetme.com/rff 

Here are some of the features that people have been so appreciative of:

Private (Username and PW) access to 27 Video lessons on any device:


Transcripts and Worksheets! Yes…I went there. Transcripts so you never have to worry about losing the notes and Worksheets so the program isn’t just informational but TRANSFORMATIONAL


Audio downloads for each lesson (So you can take the course with you anywhere you go!)


Group Prayer and Fasting. Yup. Members will get a chance to support each other in Prayer, Fasting and more.


Private Members Only Facebook Community. I’ll be facilitating this group, answering questions and continuing to support members of the program.


and much more…you have probably never been a part of something like this before in the area of relationship self-development. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to use your code to get 10% off. Code: rffijmm10

Go here now and see for yourself (REMEMBER – REGISTRATION ENDS SOON) https://www.ijustmetme.com/rff