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NOW WHAT? Life and Faith Lessons from an Unusual Place – Donald Trump’s Journey to the White House


So unless you’ve been living in Pluto for the last year or so, you’ve heard of Donald Trump and even if you were buried under a rock in Pluto, you have probably heard that he just became the 45th President of the United States. Oh and of course one thing that the whole planet can agree on is that Donald Trump as President is so shocking (yes even for people in his party) that if on that election night, scientists found out that the earth was triangle instead of round, that news still wouldn’t be able to compete with the news of a Trump victory.

His journey to white house was marred with stains that should have prevented anyone else from making it to the most powerful office in the world. Yet he did. NOW WHAT?

What do you do now? How do you process this all?
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Stay Far Away from These People if You Want to be Successful this Year

They need to go this year…or at least ride in the trunk.

If you want to make it far this year and in years to come, you will need to keep them at least at arm’s length and keep a very good eye on them.
Your success, your future, and your very life may depend on it.
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New Life Resolutions Part 6 – You Got Slapped in the Face by Last Year. This is How You Evaluate and Slap Back to Make This Year Way Better (+ FREE Strategic Thinking Worksheet)

Many people are still sore or in shock from the slapping they got from last year. I mean don’t get me wrong, many of us put up a pretty good fight but let me tell you…for most people I have spoken to, last year felt like someone punched them in the face, slapped them around and threw them into a roller coaster…unbuckled.

It kind of reminds me of that MTV show from the early 2000s called DIARY. It’s tag line was “You think you know but you have no idea”. That’s probably what last year felt like.
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