Stay Far Away from These People if You Want to be Successful this Year

They need to go this year…or at least ride in the trunk.

If you want to make it far this year and in years to come, you will need to keep them at least at arm’s length and keep a very good eye on them.
Your success, your future, and your very life may depend on it.
These people have genders in the Bible but as it applies to your life, they could be either men or women in your life. In fact, they could be places and even institutions.

This stuff might hit you like a brick because some people may flash in front of your eye and you’ll instantly think OMG… this has been clear for so long.

I just hope that me telling you this hits pinches the nerve hard enough for you to recognize those people for who they are and take actions to remove, reposition or distance yourselves from them.

Here we go

1.The Pharaoh

These are people who have authority over you (that’s not the bad part) but they enjoy that authority so much that they have built their self-images around their authority or advantage over you. (That’s the bad part).

In the Bible, the Pharaohs held the Israelites in bondage for like 400 years and the moment they saw that the Israelites were increasing in population (and would be stronger in the future), the current Pharaoh ordered all male babies killed.

Pharaohs are insanely insecure about your progress. They are seriously intimidated by your potential, that they overcompensate by reminding you every single opportunity they have, that they are above you and that they control the outcomes of your life.

They treat you like they don’t want you around but yet they never want to let you go.

Unfortunately, you depend on your Pharaohs for sustenance (at least for now), and they know it. They know you need them and they know you can barely survive without them.

The Pharaoh’s specialty is to hurt you by hurting your progress and your future.  The Israelites started to grow in population and instead of hurting the Israelites directly, Pharaoh ordered all male children killed. He was trying to kill their future.

Those children are symbolic of your dreams and aspirations for the future. The Pharaohs in your life always seem to be more aggressive against you when it comes to you raising your head and shining and when it comes to you securing your future.

What you can do:

-Keep your future plans close to the chest.
-Work as hard as you can for/with them but keep working in a way out.
-Don’t just desire to leave from under them. That is wasteful and foolish. LEARN from them as much as you can.
-No matter how long you have been under them, never lose sight of the dream to leave. When they attack your dreams future growth, don’t be afraid to take risks to save your “Moses”

I decree in your life this very moment…that every Pharaoh in your life…that does not want you to prosper or grow that shall be eradicated from your life In Jesus name!

2.The Saul

The Sauls in your life are the establishment (people, places…institutions).

You’re supposed to be on the same team or working towards the same goal but the moment you start to shine, they are really uncomfortable.

They are different from the Pharaohs in that the instead of hurting your progress and growth, they just want to eliminate you outright because they see you as an immediate threat.

They are particularly uncomfortable when others around them start to recognize the gift in you.

They can’t share praise. For them, it is ME ME ME.

What makes them so dangerous is that they are sporadic in their feelings towards you. One moment you are sitting there listening to music together and the next minute, they throw a spear at you that nearly pins you to the wall.

Also, they have incredible resources to devote to bringing you down

What you can do:

-Don’t compete for power. Their own arrogance and pride will lead to their own demise. Their rise to the top was more political …you want yours to be organic.

-Publicly honor them even in front of people who see your persecution. It will put them to shame.

I decree right now that every Saul in your life will be dethroned today in Jesus’ name. Every plan to invalidate, incapacitate or eradicate you will be brought to naught in Jesus’ name

3.The Nabal

The Nabals in your life are ticking time bombs. They have no control over their anger. What complicates this is that they have resources at their disposal. (Money…people…etc.)

So Nabal was this rich dude in the Bible to whom David’s men went, to ask for some bread. He turned them down saying:

“Who is this David? Who is this son of Jesse? Many servants are breaking away from their masters these days. Why should I take my bread and water, and the meat I have slaughtered for my shearers, and give it to men coming from who knows where?”

You see, Nabals don’t necessarily want to hurt you but they certainly never help you even when they can.

They believe they are “self-made” so they expect everyone to “pay their dues”. They do not respect the gift in you.

The Nabals believe they are self-made successful people and so everyone should have to suffer like they did. They don’t share and they don’t help …even when it will cost them nothing.

On paper they look great…but they are terrible at caring for people.

What you can do:

-In order for people like that to be successful, they surround themselves with smart people. Instead of fighting with them head on, befriend the smart people around them. Let those people grow to respect you and soon everything Nabal has will be yours.

-Try to not confront them directly alone. They have a temper problem.

-DO NOT allow them to provoke you to anger. You’ll do something stupid that will end up costing you

I pray for you right now…that the Nabals in your life…who refuse to help you…who mock your gift and provoke you to anger, will be silenced. I pray that you will find sources of wisdom that will steady your hands and your thoughts in Jesus’ name. I pray that they will be a transfer of wealth from those who despise you in Jesus name

4.The Delilah

The Delilah is sultry and seductive. The Delilahs in your life are people, things or places who don’t have a direct intention to hurt you but who end up hurting you because you keep having to compromise your standards in order to maintain their happiness. They demand so much from you that you end up doing more than you should in order to please them, prove your dedication or make them feel secure…and because you lower your standards, you open yourself to attack from to other forces.

What you can do:

-Maintain your confidence that you don’t have to reduce your moral, ethical, spiritual standard in order to please anyone and anyone who gives you ultimatums that involve that, is not for you.
-You must identify your “hair”. For Samson, his hair was the one thing that had to be protected. That was the standard that could not be reduced. That was his source of energy and purpose in life.

For you, that could be a ministry, a personal project, your faith or whatever. Find it, protect it, and maintain it.

I pray for you…that every force that threatens your source of joy, source of strength, or source of fulfillment will be silenced right now in Jesus name. I pray for you that you will never lose your sense of passion, you will never lose your inner joy or your sense of purpose in Jesus’ name

5.The Salome

This is one of the most dangerous people to you. They don’t really know you, nor have any personal grudges against you. What makes them dangerous to you is their proximity to people who do. The 3 degrees of separation.

In the Bible, Salome was the daughter of Herodias. Herodias was first married to King Herod’s Brother. Then later married to King Herod. John the Baptist told them that was wrong. Herod respected John but Herodias wanted him killed. During a feast, Salome pleased Kind Herod and he asked her to name whatever she wanted in the kingdom (up to HALF the kingdom was up for grabs for her). But what did she do? she ran to her biggest influence (Her mother Herodias) to ask for what to do, and Herodias asked Salome to ask Herod for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. She did.

What you can do:

One of the questions you must ask yourself before getting into any type of intimate arrangement deal, or relationship that involves a commitment to a person, you must always ask: Who (or what) is the biggest influence in this person’s life.

I decree over your life that people who are not against you will not be turned against you in Jesus’ name

6.The Herodias

This person, place, movement or institution is a danger to you and you must be very wise. They are infuriated when you disagree with what they are doing. They almost think “How dare you disagree with me” (even when they know deep down inside that they are wrong).

What makes them tricky is that they have no direct ability to hurt you (Herodias tried to kill John the Baptist but couldn’t because Herod respected him) but they will always look for people who they can influence to do the job for them. They will always speak terribly about you behind your back.

What you can do:

-Have a paper trail. Have records of stuff that concerns them because when crap hits the fan, it will be very hard to point to them without a trail of records.
-Be respected by powerful people. You don’t always have to have direct power, but you can be respected by people in power

I pray that every power secretly planning your demise will themselves be destroyed.

7.The Achan

The Achan is the hidden thorn in your flesh. They are dangerous to you because they have not worked out their own internal battles, insecurities or impulses.

After the Israelites defeated Jericho, they were told not to take anything for themselves that was set apart for God. A man named Achan nodded ok…but still kept some for himself. That cost the entire nation their next battle and some innocent family members their lives.

The Achan is that friend who knows you are not about that life but carries that weapon in their car while you’re in it…without a permit….without your knowledge. Or smells like weed every time you’re around them …or is a little high when you hang out. That person that nods their head “yes” when you both agree to do something important one way but then they do something else behind your back. That person that secretly breaks important and positive rules in church, at home, in school or at work, that can take you down with them by making you guilty by association.

What you can do:

-If you suspect they are up to no good, confront them and let them know what your position will be if/when crap hits the fan
-Don’t make assumptions. If you suspect they are up to no good, tell them and step back

I pray that you will have the wisdom and understanding to do what is right. I pray that you will be shielded from people who knowingly or unknowingly have the potential to cause you loss or pain

These people cant come with you into this year. Oh No. This year is way too important for you.

So keep your eyes open. Know that even when people have “good intentions” they can still act in a way that can harm you.

See you at the top!

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