Most People May Not Find True Love…Here’s Why

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Let’s get something straight. I want you to find true love. I hope you do. In fact, God wants you to find true love.
It’s important. It is a noble thing to desire and look for. But…even though many want it, most people won’t find it.
Now…that said, it’s important to say this. Even if one…or two…or all the following points apply to you now, they don’t have to apply to you permanently.
Take the information. Think. Think deeply about how you have navigated life as it pertains to the matters of the heart, and make the adjustments necessary.
I say this because there are so many people who have been hurt, frustrated, and in so much residual (and often unconscious) emotional pain, that they have now started to work against themselves when it comes to finding true love.

I want you to know that you are not at the end…that there is hope… you must not give up on that dream of true love…BUT you cant live in a bubble.

Here are some reasons why you may not find the “true” love you seek.

1) You think you deserve it because you’ve been hurt before:

It may be hard to admit but it is true for most people who have been hurt before. You feel that enough is enough. You feel like you need to catch a break from what seems like consistent heartbreak and disappointment. You feel like being rescued for once. So…without even knowing, you start to work against yourself.

-Your frustration from past experiences increases the height of your defensive wall
-Your expectations of people skyrockets as a defense mechanism and you tell yourself that this is the way to sift through the useless people. So if someone is not perfect right from the very start, you let them go…when in actuality, we are designed to bring out the best in each other.

Hate to break it to you but it is fear that is now at work – Basically, you start looking for perfect love, in fear. It can’t work

Even the Bible says that “perfect love casts out all fear”.

Your past pain does not make you deserving of love now. It should. It would be more romantic and sound better if I said it does… but it doesn’t. It is HOW well you handle your past pain that opens that door to true love for you in the future.

2) You don’t know how to show love unless it’s being shown to you…so you violate the very meaning of it:

You are always holding back…waiting for him to prove his eternal commitment to you before you let your guard down even a bit. Or you are always trying to see how “far” she will go with you to prove she loves you before you commit to really caring about her and even treating her with respect.

It even goes as far as not wanting to “work” in relationships. That’s when you start thinking:
“I’ve put so much work in past relationships that didn’t work. Someone else should put the work in me for a while”
Do you see how that could be sabotaging to the very thing you want?

Here is the thing though… in true love…at the height of it, we are to get to the point of being able to show love even when it is not being returned the way we would like all the time.

If your default mode is not to initiate/show love but only to “reward” love (meaning you are really good at showing it AFTER someone has shown it to you) then you are not positioned to find the “true” love you seek.

3) You are punishing potential lovers for the sins of past lovers:

Here is one big reason why: Because the ones in the past never truly apologized. They didn’t help you get closure.

This is straight forward. It is pain speaking.

Wouldn’t it be great if past boyfriends or girlfriends really owned up to their mistakes with you and gave you a heartfelt apology to help you move on? Yes. But it doesn’t always happen.

I spoke to a lady once who was divorced and was carrying a type of pain about the relationship for 10 years. It wasn’t the pain of losing the marriage. She survived well. It was the pain and anger that he knew how much he hurt her but did not own up to any of it.

This can be really painful.

Look… you have to move on. You have to understand that not everyone has the courage to own what they did and give a heartfelt apology.
This pain is what causes good men to turn into players and users after they are hurt by a woman they loved.
This pain is what causes good women to look down at men, man-bash, and character assassinate at every chance.

But you see,

Even though the pain that causes the behavior is legitimate, the behavior still works against them …and it could be working against you.

4) You haven’t forgiven yourself for your past:

It’s one thing to wait for the apology of someone else and not get it. It’s another thing to wait for your own forgiveness and not get it.

You know what I am talking about…when you beat yourself emotionally to a pulp that there is barely anything left to ignite a spark with someone else.
*How could I have been so stupid?
*How come I didn’t see that coming?
*I was such a fool!
*I will never let this happen to me again!

You tell yourself these things and sooner than later, you begin to subconsciously believe those things about yourself. You start to protect yourself from yourself.

Sure… you tell everyone else that you are single because you haven’t found the right one but deep down it’s because in that one area of the heart, you have convinced yourself that you can’t make good decisions….so you avoid it.

You NEED to forgive yourself for those past decisions.

Now you know how to look deeper. Now you know how to think better. Forgive yourself, OWN those past mistakes and MOVE ON.

Oh…and if you can’t forgive yourself, how in the world will you learn to forgive others?

If you can’t forgive yourself, how in the world will you learn to forgive others?

Trust yourself again.

5) You are too self-reliant:

Yup. “Ah ka doo eeet baa maaa sefff” lol.

Don’t get me wrong..I am not saying you should not know how to take care of yourself in all areas. I’m not talking about that.  I am saying that when you consistently run away from receiving help or asking for it or being vulnerable, that works against true love.

You don’t like asking for help…God forbid you look vulnerable…God forbid you are the one that needs a shoulder to cry on or vent on… You are always strong…always planned out.

If that’s you, you might be working against yourself when it comes to true love.

How so? Because

True love requires vulnerability.

In true love, two people feel they are each other’s safe place. A haven. A place of safety.
If you only know how to be depended on for that safe place but don’t know how to depend on others for that, you may not find true love.

6) You are looking for a singleness/purity payout.

This is especially for Christian singles. Somewhat similar to the very first point, it’s when you are unconsciously behaving as though you should be rewarded for being single all these years.

Like someone should treat you better than normal because you stayed a virgin or didn’t have sex all these years. Like you automatically deserve to a fantastic relationship now just because you’ve been all those things as a single.

You forget that you “Waited to have sex…waited to date and achieved all those other “Godly single metrics” primarily for YOURSELF and for GOD and not for this person. You did those things because they were the right things for YOU to do.

You forget that it was all by his grace. The waiting to have sex… the waiting to date…pursuing God while you waited …it was ALL by the grace of God.

No other human being can attempt to repay you back for those things…and you should not try to lord your “good singleness performance” over someone.
It will make you prideful …and:

True love is found in HUMILITY …not PRIDE.

7) You are looking for the one who will love you perfectly…instead of looking for a partner with whom you will create the perfect love you seek.

This perfect Eden of love that we all want is not a place you simply arrive at because of how well you picked a spouse. It’s a place both people work to create. It’s like starting a business with someone. You don’t get a great business because of how great one of you is.

Both people have to understand the vision…must bring unique skills to the business, understand the basics, know the customer, be kind to their employees, know the product/service and so on. In other words, the business does not get great because of the arrival of both people to the scene. They have to work to create this thing.

You won’t find that place of “true love” unless you are willing to work at it and work to create it.

8) You have a warped sense of masculinity or feminism:

Specifically, this is when you are overly simplistic about either of these.

Like as a woman, thinking that feminism only means an equal role in everything in a relationship. That will deny you the opportunities to take on the things in the relationship that you have been uniquely blessed and designed to thrive in more than your man. You can be a feminist and lead areas of the home and submissive too.

Or as a man, thinking that masculinity only means leading in everything and controlling everything. That will deny you the relief you need from the woman in your life and make you miss out on all the greatness God has put in her and the help she was designed to bring. Truth is, you can be all masculine and lead areas of the home and be submissive too.

Neither of these have to be absolutes.

If you are looking for true love, you can’t be too narrow-minded about either of these because the love you seek cannot function when your relationship serves as your platform for your feminist movement or your masculine pride.

This is not to say that these things are not important. It is simply to say that: the right relationship for you is one where you DON’T have to have a feminist movement office or a branch of the masculine pride preservation movement in your relationship. If you have to, something is wrong with the relationship.

Let me say it this way.

The true love you seek will require you as a man to be that safe place for a woman where she doesn’t have to fight to be seen as equally important as a woman and it will require you as a woman to be that safe place for a man where he doesn’t have to struggle or turn to domination or aggression to be validated as a man.

So..what now? Where do you go from here?

a) Work on HEALING your heart
b) Learn to INITIATE love
c) Get CLOSURE by yourself
d) FORGIVE yourself
e) Understand that RECEIVING HELP IS NOT WEAKNESS. Vulnerability is essential for true love
f) Don’t take CREDIT for GOD’S work in your life.
g) Look for a perfect PARTNER not perfect love
h) Be OPEN when it comes to your idea of gender roles

One more (Important) thing…

Look…I’m going to keep it honest. Many people are worried about FINDING the right person but not investing enough time in BEING the one.

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