Your life is begging for this…NOW

You’re talented but restless
You’re made for more but confused 
You have dreams but no vision
You need to figure out the WHEN, WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHO…

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has at least a vague vision for their
lives…but not everyone has clarity or the life structure to make that vision a reality

For months now, I have been engaging with people at different stages of life, and I have found that there everyone likes the “idea” of having a vision and bringing it to reality and yet most don’t. I have also come to realize (even in my own life) how true Dr Gail Matthews’ research is. (She is a highly respected professor and researcher on goals and achievement). Her research found out that:

Those who wrote down their goals were about 40% more likely to achieve them AND those who shared their goals with friends or accountability partners where about 77% more likely to achieve them. 

Dr Gail Matthews, PhD

That is just mind blowing and in my conversations with people, I have come to realize that many of us share similar difficulties with having a vision for our lives:

  1. Many people do not have a well articulated life vision and mission for life that they use as a guide for life
  2. Many people feel confused (or maybe even frustrated) about figuring out what they should be focusing on in life right now
  3. Many people don’t have a way to organize the different areas of their lives for maximum productivity and impact
  4. Most feel pulled in a hundred directions that all seem like good options
  5. Many people feel “stuck” in life even though they have gifts and talents
  6. Many have secretly been too scared to start “it” because they didn’t even know where to start with “it”

If any of these even remotely describes you, you need to see this tool that addresses all of these and puts you in the best possible position to get a hold of your life and execute your vision for it.

It is the weapon you’ve been waiting for:

A powerful self-paced vision session to create a God-anchored vision for your life, create the mission areas that drive it, and create the structure in your life that will make it a reality.

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Your life deserves a powerful vision…and it’s begging for it now.