This New Year, Be the OLD You – New Life Resolutions Pt. 9

So here we are again. The 9th year of the New Life Resolutions series that deals with making powerful, sustainable, life long choices as opposed to fad New Years Resolutions.

Every year, it is one of the most important posts I write and this year, it is no different…but it might be the most counter intuitive to date. How so?

Well, in order to create a new future, we are going into the past. Here is what I mean:

You see, for the new year, everyone is very focused on looking forward to create a new version of life for themselves. No problem with that.
The issue most don’t realize is that they are trying to create a new year, based on the experience of the past year.

Most people are merely reacting to last year. They are dusting off the failures and “trying again”. They are jumping in the shower and trying to wash off the “dirt” from last year. That’s all great but…


What if there was a deeper layer missing in the equation?
I think there is, and I think that deeper layer is the question of:


  • Who was I when I wasn’t so cynical, so timid?
  • Who was I when I wasn’t so buried in my work or my goals?
  • Will my current goals actually bring me joy? If not, what will?
  • Who was I when I was truly happier?
  • What are the gifts and talents that I have always had, that gave me joy when I expressed them?
  • What have I always been passionate about?
  • Who AM I really… at the core?
  • What is the original version of myself that has been swept aside by the rat race?

I believe that this year, there will be a lot of value in looking back into our original selves and digging for the gold there.

Not that creating versions of ourselves for this year isn’t great, but because:

Creating new versions of our lives based on who we are not, will have less joy and fulfillment even when achieved.
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Tobi Atte

In other words,

You will find more joy in this new created version of yourself, if it is baked in the features of your original self.

Tobi Atte

It is about looking FORWARD but also looking INWARDS so that where we are going is aligned with WHO we are and who God created us to be.

Well, I am saying that incorporating writing into your career goal (and maybe writing monthly internal articles at your company – and maybe even kick starting your company’s newsletter) is likely to give you more joy and more fulfillment when you get that increased visibility, than merely taking the beaten path of competing for airspace at meetings all day.

It doesn’t even have to be directly connected.

Let’s say you look forward and decide you want to start a catering (or whatever) business this year, but you look inwards and remember that growing up, you loved music. You found so much joy exploring new music and discovering new artists.

I am proposing that at the end of the year, when you look back and pat yourself on the back for starting your new catering business, you will have more joy and fulfillment if you found a way to go to a few concerts, created banging playlists for your every cooking mood, and maybe even learned to play an instrument.

There is so much value in who we originally are and this year, that’s worth exploring.

It is worth it to not lose that original version.

It is important to carry it forward.

Sure, build new layers on top…but don’t lose yourself (at least the good parts anyway) in the crusade of creating a new you tomorrow.

We spend so much time trying to be more of something new, that we lose the inherent, in-built “accelerators” that have been uniquely placed inside us.

So this year…go back to go forward. Be the old you. Be the original you and you will find out that from there, you will create a much more meaningful and sustainable version of yourself tomorrow.

Lets Go!

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