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VIDEO – Understanding, Defining and Sharing Values – Pt2 – Tobi Atte

 Part 2 is out… talking about Understanding, Defining and Sharing Values. The conversation got really deep…the discussion was VERY real. We got deep into some stuff that sounded like many people had never talked about before. I feel really privileged that people let me into their lives that deeply. This is a video you’re probably going to want to share. Read more

VIDEO- Know thyself: Family History- Christiana Awosan – Relationship Discovery Series

Family Therapist Christiana Awosan,(M.A Marriage and Family Therapy) with an interest in immigrant families, adolescent girls, black couples and intimacy, explores the impact of family history on romantic relationships at the IJUSTMETME Relationship Discovery Series. Take a look at this short video. Read more

VIDEO: Understanding, Defining and Sharing Values Pt 1 – Relationship Discovery Series

1) What are some thought processes that help you find out if you really share the same values with someone you are considering for a relationship.
2) Understanding how values are expressed differently and how that difference can have major impact on the relationship.  Enjoy the video and share. Read more

VIDEO – Know thyself: Family History Part 2 -Tobi Atte – Relationship Discovery Series

There are some issues we are having that stem from our family origin or family history. We have unconsciously picked up certain behavioral patterns that affect we way we relate with people. Take a look at this… Read more

She just might be more into you than you think- The subtle signs that men miss- Part 2

Woman- side glance-iStock_000000665776XSmallThere ARE some good men out there. Unfortunately many of them are not very good at telling when a woman is even somewhat interested in sparking a conversation or in actually starting the “dance” that may lead to a relationship. Read more

She just might be more into you than you think- The subtle signs that men miss- Part 1

Woman- side glance-iStock_000000665776XSmallHave you ever had that teacher that walked in on the first day of class and said “You already have an “A” in this class… your Job is to keep it that way till the end of the class”. Well, it’s a very similar situation with the ladies. Sorry ladies…I’m about to leak some secrets ….but not to worry. It’s for a good cause. Many good men out there could use the help. Read more