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6 CRITICAL Lessons We MUST Learn from the Last Generation of Believers… if We Really Want To Please God in This Generation

Young AdultsIf there is one sentiment that Young Adult Believers (all over the world) feel about the “church”, it’s that they feel a bit frustrated by the way the previous generation does things…relates with people….preaches…interprets Christ, runs the church and just about everything they do.
We want to create fun environments and have awesome events with great sound, cool speakers, snacks, with loads of noise, energy and fun. Oh..and yea…can’t forget…the flyer has to be on point.

Here is the thing though….WE MIGHT BE IN DANGER because of that…
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That Moment When You Feel You’re Losing Deep Connection With God

That moment when you feel it

What’s the point of praying or worshiping right now? I don’t feel like it and I’m pretty sure that since I haven’t done either one the way I know I should lately, neither one will rise past my ceiling.

I recently had a conversation with a friend and we both started talking about this feeling.

I don’t know about you…but sometimes I feel like my faith is running on empty. Like if I prayed right then and then, God would call my bluff and shake his head at me.  You’ve probably been there before…where you feel like you are disconnected from God and somehow just going through the motions. Read more

The SURPRISING Thing About Being Made In Gods Image

The Surprising Thing About Being Made In The Image

I am made in Gods image. We all love saying that. It sounds good. Heck…it FEELS good and you know what, no matter where you are in the world, no matter what your level of faith is, it IS true. Yes. You ARE made…created in Gods image. HOWEVER… Read more

The Pink Hill Moment…have you had one lately?

Even in your chaotic-“seemingly “uneventful life, you can experience a taste of Heaven.

It had been a long day. This was my fourth city in a 5 city/5 day swing on business. I was driving from Greenville, North Carolina to Wilmington, North Carolina. I entered a certain town and let me tell you. It didn’t tickle my fancy.

It felt like there was nothing and no one there. It was like those isolated towns we see in movies with probably one mechanic, no grocery store, barely a gas station and buildings that looked like they were 200 years old. I barely saw a human being.

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You may need one…NOW

IJMm-app-icon-logoIt’s an interesting place. Shortly after you get there, they tell you to take off your clothes, they give you something more “appropriate” to wear and show you to a private room where they ask you to lay down on the bed and wait. Sometimes there is music and sometimes there is not. The bed is just ok but not so comfortable. Shortly after, someone walks in, looks at you and smiles as they take a quick glance at your body. You manage to smile as you wonder what will happen to your body. Read more

The one you thought you forgot

The event is going just right. You’re looking smashing…you feel like a million bucks. Cheek pecks are in abundance, laughter fills the air and the DJ seems to be reading your mind. Then it happens. You look up and you see him or her. Your EX. The one you never got over. What is he/she doing here???? OMG! What?? They are walking towards you. Not good. You’re trying to come up with a script for what to say and how to respond…how to look like you’re over him/her (even though you are not). You’re trying really hard to put on your poker face. You talk…you laugh…and lord knows what else happens…or “almost” happens…even if it’s only in your head. Read more