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NO I DON’T just accept you for who you are: Acceptance vs. Commitment

Acceptance vs. Commitment - textgram_1399304043People confuse acceptance and commitment.  They say that when you love someone, you accept them for who they are. While many elements of that is true, something is missing.
As you make relationship decisions in different areas of your life, it’s important to know the different between acceptance and commitment.Acceptance is like doing a favor for another, and favors don’t last for the long haul, neither does it make the recipient better because the recipient is already making peace with the fact that they cannot change or be much better, that’s why they are being “accepted”. Read more

Pt 2: How to become indispensable at work – maybe even promoted – Pt 2

Corporate Ladder - iStock_000022398752XSmallRecently, I gave you the first 7 secrets to being noticed (maybe even promoted) at work. You can make a U-turn now and read it. Don’t delay. Start doing those things now. Those that are being promoted around you are not necessarily better than you…they are just doing some of these important things well. Here are the other 7.
Save this article. You are going to need it. Don’t forget to comment at the bottom if you need any help or just want to share how any of these points have helped.

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How to become indispensable at work – maybe even promoted: Part 1

Corporate Ladder - iStock_000022398752XSmallAll hail the grind…the hustle. Many people are trying to make it in the belly of the corporate beast and many are finding out that they would rather take Jonah’s place and be fed to an actual Whale instead.It’s not easy. Sadly, it’s also not fair. There are many hardworking people who never see the glimpse of career advancement. Why is that? How come “Other People” get promoted quicker and get noticed more for what they do?Many people are asking burning questions about their career like: Why have I not been looked at for a promotion? How dispensable am I? Am I valued here? Can I really make it at this company? What do those who have been noticed have that I don’t?
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New LIFE Resolutions – Part 3: The Paradigm Shift on Resolutions

New Year ResolutionOver the last couple of years, I have had a major paradigm shift when it comes to New Year Resolutions.I have asked myself some very deep questions and have tried to have a very honest conversation with myself. I have asked questions like:
-Why is it that people fail so miserably at goals they set for themselves even when they know that failure at those goals means continued self destruction?
-Why is it that we give up on our goals when the going gets tough?
-Why do New Year Resolutions fail so quickly…What does it take to have successful new behavior goals? Read more

How many layers does your man have to peel to see the real you

Barbie Basics No. 5Yes…a woman’s emotions are sometimes like an onion. You have to peel that onion to get to the core. You have to get through several layers to get to the real her…the real crux of what she is about. That said, how many layers does he have to literally peel to get to see the real you?
When he actually gets the opportunity to come close (not necessarily sexually but emotionally or even comfort level-wise) will he be in for a shock? Will he find a totally different person than you “introduced” to him when you first met? Read more

How do you SMELL?

How do you affect peopleYou’ve seen that movie. Someone is on the run …running through the forest, dodging trees and shrubs. Out of breath, bends over to suck in some oxygen and then continues to run. A few hundred yards behind that person….the pursuers…led by dogs. Dogs that are tracking the scent left behind by the fleeing runner. The pursuers can’t see the runner… but the dogs can still smell him or her.
Usually, the pursuers give the dog something that belongs to the runner and they let the dog smell that shirt, car, glove or whatever, and that becomes a recognizable scent. Read more