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When Your Parents Might Disagree With Who You Want To Marry

When Your Parents Might Disagree With Who You Want To Marry

They don’t like the person…they don’t like their family background…they don’t like where you met…they don’t like how fast your relationship is moving; they don’t like the person’s cultural  or spiritual background…The list of possible versions of this is endless. Read more

A LOADED GUN Relationship or Marriage

A Loaded Gun Relationship Or Marriage

“Pishaun!” “Pishaun!” I yelled as I ducked behind the yellow couch in our living room many years ago as a kid. My younger brother and I played war games all the time growing up. “Pishaun!” I yelled again as I pointed my toy gun and sent an imaginary bullet towards my opponent on the other side of the room…hoping to silence him for the afternoon. Did it work? Did he show respect for his older brother? NO. He sent imaginary bullets, grenades and missiles. Read more

How Christian Single Ladies Would Like To Be Approached AND How Christian Single Men Would Like Them To Respond.

Why do the single men in your church go outside your church to find their “bone”?
Why do single women say that there are no men in church?
Why do even well-intentioned men not get positive responses when they approach women in church?
Why do men in church seem hesitant to approach the women in church that they are attracted to?
Why are single women hesitant when it comes to being approached by single men in church?

Approaching christian ladies and responding to christian men Read more

11 Illusions Christian Singles Have About Marriage

Even if you are a Christian, love Jesus, and have the best intentions when it comes to marriage and relationships, it’s quite possible that you might make certain assumptions about marriage. IN FACT, the very fact that YOU have such great intentions is what can make you susceptible to these assumptions.

11 Illusions Christian Singles Have

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I Attract The Wrong Men Pt 2: If I Attract The Right Men, Why Cant I See Them?

If i attract the right men, why cant i

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Attracted but still Virtuous

I understand that many people who want to remain virtuous, still experience attraction. So this talk explores that a bit, takes a look at some examples, and has a few great takeaways for practical application. Read more