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Perspective – Part 2: The Anointing of Joseph and the Grace of Samson (What you need to think and pray about these days)

Perspective during these times
You are going to fall into one of these two buckets and I need to tell you…either one you fall into requires you to REALLY think of a few things and pray about a couple of things. It doesn’t matter what level of faith you’re at.
Speaking of critical, it is important for you to start reading this piece having established ONE MAJOR POINT: You are fundamentally and inherently more powerful than you have been acting. Now it’s time to live in that power a little bit more than you have been living. Ok….let’s get into it.
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Perspective – Part 1: Self talk (What you need to think and pray about these days)

This is part of a series focused on helping us have the right perspective during these “Covid-19” times. It’s about the importance of being in a productive, empowering, and positive state of mind, not just to make it through these times, but to actually thrive. This is part 1  and its “Self talk” and its a perspective about it that you may not have thought about…
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This New Year, Be the OLD You – New Life Resolutions Pt. 9

So here we are again. The 9th year of the New Life Resolutions series that deals with making powerful, sustainable, life long choices as opposed to fad New Years Resolutions.

Every year, it is one of the most important posts I write and this year, it is no different…but it might be the most counter intuitive to date. How so?

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Relationships and Marriages at the Door

Relationships are like doors…and doors are interesting. (Yea..doors)

Because doors are in the same breath the entrance and the exit. Doors are at the same time the entrance to something amazing and the exit from something amazing. Yet doors could be (still at the same time as all the above) an entrance into something terrible yet the exit from something terrible.

I guess it all depends on who is going through the door and what they believe is on the other side.

When you really think about it, the start and the functioning of a relationship/marriage are like two people at the door.
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When You’re Off (Your Life’s) Schedule

When your life plane goes to Tokyo instead of Lagos.
When your forever plan takes a mad detour.
When your “OMG I can’t wait to start” turns into “God if you just get me out of this”
You get the idea.

Sometimes it just feels like you’re off course, off plan, off your life timeline. And admit it….sometimes you feel like you have no one else to point to or blame than God.
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I see them. Almost every day on my commute I see them. Sleepwalkers.
No, they don’t drip venom from the side of their mouths and no they don’t walk like zombies. They’re in their suits and dresses…scurrying off to some job or venture. In a hurry…but asleep…and still cause death.

How do they kill? They don’t appear at night and suck your blood. They don’t jump out of the closet to bite your arm off.
It’s much simpler.
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