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Perspective – Part 3: From Isolation to Incubation (The difference makes all the difference)

This thought has mattered more and more over the last few months.
remains so important the understand the difference, understand what happens in incubation…to understand what that means for you, and understand how to live in this “season” of what seems to be isolation in a way that you come out better on the other side.
Because it’s not too late for that.
Because the difference makes all the difference.
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Perspective – Part 2: The Anointing of Joseph and the Grace of Samson (What you need to think and pray about these days)

Perspective during these times
You are going to fall into one of these two buckets and I need to tell you…either one you fall into requires you to REALLY think of a few things and pray about a couple of things. It doesn’t matter what level of faith you’re at.
Speaking of critical, it is important for you to start reading this piece having established ONE MAJOR POINT: You are fundamentally and inherently more powerful than you have been acting. Now it’s time to live in that power a little bit more than you have been living. Ok….let’s get into it.
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Perspective – Part 1: Self talk (What you need to think and pray about these days)

This is part of a series focused on helping us have the right perspective during these “Covid-19” times. It’s about the importance of being in a productive, empowering, and positive state of mind, not just to make it through these times, but to actually thrive. This is part 1  and its “Self talk” and its a perspective about it that you may not have thought about…
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Romance Might Just be Overrated… And Why That’s Ok

ROMANCE_FINAL-ManturityMarried folks (especially men) need to pay CLOSE ATTENTION to this lurking danger that can go unnoticed and if it’s not caught quickly, those great intentions of “being a romantic husband” may become the reasons why a marriage fails in the eyes of God.This is a critical article for both married folks and for unmarried folks as well.  Read more

Alternate Endings: The story of our lives

People Grid-PhotoGrid_1403019703991Remember that final scene from the movie Pretty Woman? Where Richard Gere pulls up in that white limousine with flowers in hand like the knight in shining armor? Julia Roberts hears the beeping horn, pokes her head through the window to see him downstairs. He proceeds to climb the ladder on the side of her tower (apartment) and with orchestral music in the background; they proceed to give each other the kiss of life right there on that ladder. Remember that???? (Julia Roberts literally put our hearts in her pocket from that movie.) Read more

Don’t Pre-Qualify your lead – Pt 2 (The effects on you and the other person)

Quote - Instagram -IMG_20140603_090744So last week, I published Don’t Pre-Qualify your lead. Pt 1… A good read for everyone but a MUST READ for singles.  If you have not read it, I suggest you do before you continue because while you will get a lot from this post, I have purposefully written this particular post as a continuation piece so I promise that you will get even more from it if you just stop right now, right here, click the link and start by reading Part 1 first. Read more