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Some AMAZING Relationship Advantages Men Provide (Probably Better Than Women) At The START Of A Relationship

Some AMAZING relationship advantages men provide (Probably better than women) at the START of a relationship
Ok…I know how this sounds. Especially for some ladies reading this. I know several bells are ringing in some women’s minds right now. “Yea right…what advantages could men possibly offer to relationships even close to women…let alone better than women”? Funny thing is…we see these things but we often see these male behaviors and thought processes as “just biological or as just part of the game”. As true as that is many times, I think they are a bit deeper than that.  Read more

How Men (Even Good Ones) Are Set Up For Relationship And Marriage Frustration

How Men - even good ones -are set up for relationship and marriage frustration

They say that men are not interested in learning about relationships and that we are uninterested in self-development when it comes to matters of the heart. If that is true for you, it’s probably a good idea to stop reading now or else the rest of this post will give you the same sensation as eating sand. Read more

How Women (Even Good Ones) Are Set Up For Relationship And Marriage Frustration

How women -even good ones- are set up for relationship and marriage frustration
This is going one of “those” articles. Yea… one of those in true (IJustMetMe fashion) where you are going to need to decide right from the beginning if you’re going to read with an open mind because you might actually get something transformational and valuable, OR if you’re already upset that there is even an article or discussion with a title like this. Read more


No. That is not a typo. This post does not have a title. The content is way too deep and way too subjective. In fact…YOU are going to give this post your own title…or titles. This post is not to entertain you…it is to make to think…to make you change if you need to.

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

Read more

How To Be There For Someone Going Through A Rough Time

How To Be There For Someone GoingAt one point or the other, someone you care about is going to be in pain or discomfort. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, financially…it’s inevitable. It’s bound to happen and yet, many of us are totally ill equipped to be there for people who need us the most in the way that matters the most.

This is no small problem. It’s the reason why relationships of all kinds end. Businesses lose customers, churches lose members, people break up, marriages end, people get fired, people quit jobs, and siblings fight. Pain Management.   Read more

How To Break Up…Without Breaking The Person

How to break up without breaking the person

A break up can make or break a person. Literally. It can affect their world view…it can affect how they see people and how they navigate through life. What’s worse is that the longer and more serious the relationship was, the worse the negative effects can be if the breakup is not done right.  Read more