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IJustMetMe Survey Results…and what it means to you!

IJMm-iconI am ssooooo excited as I write this.A couple of weeks ago, I published a reader survey (SEE IT HERE) and asked readers their thoughts on how to help them even more than before. The feedback was incredible. I am so glad I did that.
This post will talk about some of those survey results but MORE IMPORTANTLY, the changes that I have made as a result. (Read all the way down to see those changes!) Read more

Dear IJUSTMETME Readers…

Light bulb 3As IJUSTMETME continues to grow and surpass my expectations of the type of impact it is having on people, it got me thinking and asking myself “How can I be of even more value to the incredible people who are my clients, who read my posts, watch my videos and follow me online? People’s lives are REALLY changing for the better so how can I serve them even better? Read more

IJUSTMETME is back on EbonyLife TV

Love Lounge Season 2Season one was great. Season two of the Love Lounge is here and IJUSTMETME / Tobi Atte is back on as a contributor.  So many deep relationship issues: The Cheating Flirt, For Love or Money, Behind Closed Doors: Sex and sexuality, interracial unions, The Down Low, Commitment, Cultural influences, Arranged marriages, Domestic Abuse, Submission/Domination, Romance and Finance and much more. Read more

The IJUSTMETME Relationship Discovery Series

Over the last year, IJUSTMETME has grown to be more than just a simple blog. It’s fast becoming a resource for people. When Life, Relationship and Motivational coaching was added, people were positively impacted even more and now that events have been added to what we do, impact is greater than ever before. One area that people seem to need a lot of help in is relationships. That’s why I have created the IJUSTMETME Relationship Discovery Series. Read more