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VIDEO: Godly Relationship Foundations – Fruit of the Spirit

People always ask me “How do I know if someone has the Fruit of the Spirit?” How can I tell if the spirit of God is really working in them? Well, while this doesn’t answer that in its totality, it DOES offer one thought process that may be all we need ESPECIALLY when it comes to deciding on a relationship. Watch and share. Read more

Video: Godly Relationship Foundations – Revelation and Vision

We have all been there….that ” We are TALKING” phase . Things seem to be going really well, no drama. You are making progress. Its “moving along”. There are no major “red flags” Well, that’s cute…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are heading in the direction of a Godly relationship. These two things are CRITICAL. Read more

Godly Relationship Foundations – Good Soil Part 1

IJMm-app-icon-logoThis is a must see video. Many Christians are looking for PRACTICAL ways to do a temperature check to make sure that the relationship they are in is well rooted in God. No one can see the future. No one knows the future of exactly how a relationship will turn out but we can certainly have checkpoints along the way and have the right through processes to guide us along the way. Here is the first part of a series of Godly Foundations that can help. Read more

Virtue Protects Virtue

So what happens when two good people get together? What happens when you virtuous people get together? Well, they protect the virtue in each other. Good people IDENTIFY, PROTECT and INCREASE the good in each other. That’s how relationships grow positively.People who start off as great partners in a relationship often withdraw into average partners because the virtues they personally worked to develop, were not noticed, protected or increased in the relationship. This is important. Read more

Video – Why are you in a relationship?

While this short clip may not explore all the elements of the question, its probably a good question to ask yourself. Really….WHY ARE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP? Watch and Share Read more

VIDEO – Understanding, Defining and Sharing Values – Pt2 – Tobi Atte

 Part 2 is out… talking about Understanding, Defining and Sharing Values. The conversation got really deep…the discussion was VERY real. We got deep into some stuff that sounded like many people had never talked about before. I feel really privileged that people let me into their lives that deeply. This is a video you’re probably going to want to share. Read more