A powerful self-paced
vision session to
create a God-anchored
vision for your life,
create the mission areas
that drive it, and
create the structure in your life that will make it a reality.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has at least a vague vision for their lives...but not everyone has clarity or the life structure to make that vision a reality.

This workshop is for you if:

  • Right now, you do not have a well articulated vision and mission for your life that you actually use as a guide for your life
  • You often feel confused (or maybe even frustrated) about figuring out what you should be focusing on in life right now
  • You have an idea of a vision for your life (most people do) but you are not confident that this is God's will
  • You don't have a way to organize the different areas of your life for maximum productivity and impact
  • You feel pulled in a hundred directions that all seem like good options
  • You feel "stuck" in life even though you have gifts and talents
  • You have secretly been too scared to start "it" because you didn't even know where to start with "it"

Through this session, you will:

  • Set a vision for your life anchored on the word of God

    This is not just for this year but for your life. Yes. When you are through with this, (perhaps for the first time) you will have a clear vision for your life that is well articulated and anchored on God’s word

  • Create structures in your life that accelerate & build towards that vision

    A vision remains just that unless it has structure. This session will help you formulate the structure you need in your life to make your vision a reality

  • Identify focus areas that are truly worth your time & energy

    What should you be doing right now? How should your manage your time? How do you stop feeling strapped for time all the time? How do you avoid distractions?

  • Become more accountable in time management

    Ever get that feeling that you’ve been “busy” all week but yet don’t feel good about your productivity? Well, this gives you a structure and decision making process to help you focus on what matters most

  • Learn principles for getting great things done

    There are some principles that just work…and you need them. It’s one thing to know these principles, its another to apply them. Here, you will get some principles and you will get the guidance to apply them

  • Learn to lead yourself and have the clarity to do so

    Nothing outstanding will happen in your life if you don’t lead yourself. You can’t depend only on favors or good luck. Partnering with God to create the life he designed you for, and that you say you want, requires self leadership.

Section 1 - You, God, Culture, and Your Vision

This section is about the intersection of your vision areas, God's thoughts on those areas, and culture's influence on those areas. It'sĀ about breaking away from the vague to the specific. Using the framework inside the section, you will come out with a vision statement that will move you. It's probably going to be a "moment" for you.

Section 2 - Your Mission Areas

So you've got your vision statement. The natural next question is ...HOW? How do you start making this real? How do you get your boots on the ground? How do you accomplish this? It all lies in your mission areas. This section will help you focus your energy, protect your time from time-wasters, and help you start achieving tangible results.

Section 3 - Mission Control

This section is all about structure. It's all about accounting for your time, and putting your life in order in the way that will actually drive your vision. It's about getting in the driver's seat with your time so that the things that you say matter to you, get priority and get done.

Section 4 - Prayer

Yea. Prayer. It's important. The Bible says to do it. It asks us to plan...but it asks us to commit those plans into Gods hands. Here, there are some key prayer points to add to your journey. Pray them continually to remain in partnership with God regarding your vision and purpose.

Private Facebook Group

According to the research conducted by Dr Gail Matthews, PhD (A respected authority on the concept of "Achievement" people who wrote and shared with friends or accountability partners were about 76.7% more likely to achieve their goals! So there will be a private Facebook group for registrants of Life On Track!
It'll be a place to network, get encouragement, give encouragement and really leverage the expertise of others to accelerate your growth. For most people, this alone (being surrounded by like-minded and goal-oriented people) will make all the difference

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will this take?

As long as you need or as short as you can productively do it. The great thing here is that its self-paced. Depending on how much thought you have been putting into your vision and life plan, this may take anywhere from 3 hours, to 3 full days...or more. Either way, dedicate quality chunks of time to this every day, so that you build the mental momentum to finish quickly without loosing your train of thought

Is this great for a group activity?

Of Course! (However...)

Yes - It is wonderful and can be quite powerful for a group of people to be "individually" going through this session at the same time, THEN AFTER they are all individually done, can come together and share, exchange encouragement, create accountability teams and so on. So imagine you and your friends, church group, spouse, hobby group, or whatever group.

That said, It's deeply personal so at first, everyone should lock themselves away and go through it, THEN come out and share with people to get feedback, encouragement and accountability.

If you have others to do this with, it would most certainly be one of the most meaningful activities you will do together.

Can I do this over and over?

Yup. You'll get an editable PDF file. So you can just "save as" a new session/version every time you feel your life plan needs to be worked on. (Cos really...its a continuous process)

I think I think I already have a vision for my life. Should I still do this?

Absolutely. It's great that you have taken that first step...but if you know deep down that you are not living that vision right this second, then this is a must. Like I mentioned earlier, most people have at least a vague idea of their vision but not everyone has the structure or clarity to make it a reality. This is what that does. So yea...unless you are fully living it right now, this might be just what you need to take it to the next level.

Here is a video that absolutely nails it!



I am so convinced that you will get so much value out of this session, that I am offering a 15 day money back guarantee. Yup.

If after 15 days, you feel like you have not gotten any value out of this course, send an email and your money will be refunded. All of it. Its that simple.

I know that if you prayerfully take this session and immerse yourself in it, you will emerge with a clearer, stronger, more actionable vision for your life.


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