A TRANSFORMATIVE 6 week Self-Paced course (With lifetime access) for unmarried Christians on what they need to LEARN, HEAL and DEAL with to be ready for and have the fulfilling marriage they really want.



why is this course important?

  • Even though most Christian singles have been to a relationship event, most have never taken a self development course on how to BECOME A GREAT PARTNER IN MARRIAGE
  • Most singles wait until Marital Counseling to do so, but Marital Counseling is usually too short and too late to begin this transformative process
  • There isn't enough time at relationship events for self evaluation and healing
  • Most relationship events don’t have the continued support AFTER the event for more questions and deeper conversations
  • Most Christian Newlyweds will still be unhappy even though they went through counseling because while counseling is informative, it typically doesn't involve a transformative or behavioral correction element
  • Most Unmarried Christians don't have a guide to understand and evaluate the deep personal and spiritual issues from their past that will affect them in marriage.

Facilitated by Speaker & Author Tobi Atte of IJustMetMe.

Tobi is a believer in Jesus Christ. He is also a licensed life, motivational and relationship coach.

He is also the author of "How To Make Sure Your Values Are Aligned: A Guide To Avoiding Relationship Frustration"

A BIBLICAL AND PRACTICAL way to approach relationships, spouse selection and marriage transition

  • 1

    Module 1: The THINKING You Bring

    Principles You BOTH Need To Understand

The goal is to understand deep/ foundational principles and thought processes people bring into marriage that can make or break a marriage

  • Learn the 5 Perspectives that help you set the right foundation for realistic expectations of love and marriage
  • Understand the flawed processes of selection and the reasons why otherwise nice people end up in the wrong marriages
  • Get an expanded view on The Three Lusts, how they function (sometimes AT WILL) in marriage and in your life and learn how to stop them from becoming liabilities in marriage
  • Understand God’s view vs the world view of marriage and the (often ignored) elements in God’s original plan (+how to apply them in your marriage)
  • 2

    Module 2: The BROKEN SELF You Bring

    What You BOTH Need To Heal

The goal is to emerge having dealt with past conscious and unconscious pain or wrong environmental conditioning

  • God’s standards for your life may have been broken in your past. Find and HEAL them
  • Step by step guide to evaluate the “Family of Origin” issues you have been carrying. Learn how those issues show up in marriage and how they relate to the standard of Christ in marriage
  • The 6 relationship pillars based on your family of origin
  • A Prayer guide that will help you to pray over the broken standards in your life
  • The 5 pains and fears of broken relationships. How they can affect us in marriage
  • Deal with and get more closure on broken relationships (Most people don't realize they need it)
  • Your true hidden beliefs about yourself and the opposite sex (And how these two beliefs affect your relationships)
  • 3

    Module 3: The TOOLS You Bring

    What You BOTH Need To Learn

The goal is to learn and acquire important capabilities that enable the relationship and marriage to not only work...but THRIVE

  • Learn the critical spiritual tools that you should both bring into marriage and how to start acquiring them now in order to have the 3 - cord marriage we all talk about
  • Learn what it REALLY means to be financially prepared for marriage, identify what a toxic relationship with money looks like and get tools to evaluate yourself
  • Using the Bible, learn the two relational tools that are rarely ever talked about at relationship events but are crucial to relationship and marriage survival..and how to get them
  • The 3 communication tools that are making and breaking even Christian relationships and marriages
  • 4

    Module 4: The VALUES & EXPECTATIONS You Bring

    Who Are You and What Do You REALLY Want?

The goal is to (a) Discover the values that drive you as a person so that you are able to communicate it to your significant other (b) Emerge having clearer, more grounded expectations of your spouse and (c) Emerge with a clear purpose and mission for your marriage

  • Learn how to identify and articulate your own core values so that you can properly communicate them to someone else
  • The power of a Marriage Mission Statement and a step by step formula for writing yours
  • Forget your “list”. Get a step by step guide to prayerfully write a list that is actually meaningful to you and customized for you
  • 4 critical things you need to do with your new list and your Marriage Mission Statement
  • 5

    Module 5: The SEX & INTIMACY NEEDS You Bring

    Managing Your Intimacy Needs as a Believer

The goal is to understand deep/ foundational principles and thought processes people bring into marriage that can make or break a marriage

  • 3 Critical lessons on sex that starts affecting you as a single and transitions with you into marriage
  • 5 critical perspectives on “waiting” that you probably never heard before (But will set the tone for you in marriage)
  • 7 practical ways and perspectives that will immediately help you do better at keeping sexual temptation at bay (A few of them will surprise you)
  • 2 simple but important things to keep in mind when dealing with guilt and the weight of sexual sin in relationships.
  • 6

    Module 6: The GRACE You Bring

    Working by Grace

The goal of this module is to help you understand the role of the grace of God, position your marriage  to receive the grace of God (even before it starts), and guide you on the path to confirmation

  • How to position your marriage to receive and function in the grace of God....even before your marriage starts, and well into it.
  • Confirmation: The paralyzing things that hide behind confirmation
  • The signs of God’s confirmation and how to apply that in your relationship
  • What confirmation IS and is NOT
  • To tell or not tell your Pastor about your relationship and if you do, how to work with him/her on your confirmation journey.
  • Navigating between the desire to love and the ability to love
  • You will never think of “I Love You” the same ever again. Understanding what we are really saying when we say “I Love You” and what we SHOULD mean when we say it
  • 7

    Module 7: The BONUS Module

    Getting even more from the course

This Module will house the Bonuses and Extras that add even more value and offer even more immersion into the content. Members can choose to utilize this content along with the core course OR they can wait till they finish the main course before digging into this. Either way, its a lot of great extras that help add more knowledge

  • Understanding the impact and importance of not just being in love but being able to "work" together
  • Understanding the impact of HOW decisions are made vs. WHAT decisions are made in a relationship or marriage
  • Understanding how to turn differences into advantages
  • How do you fight...in Love? (The specific formula)
  • Many more topics


By The End of This Course, You Will:

6 Modules and 27 Video Lessons!


Transcripts and Worksheets!

Yup! You get transcripts of each lesson so if you just want to download and read instead, you can do that. Also, deep introspective worksheets are sprinkled throughout the course to guide you on your journey from information to transformation. What's even better? The worksheets are editable PDFs so you can download and fill in right on your device

Multiple Devices

No matter where you are or what device you are on, you can be immersed in the course.
So whether you are on the road or in the comfort of your home you can keep learning, growing and transforming yourself.

Members Only Private Facebook Group

Course members are part of a private Facebook group where they get to meet each other, support each other,  share experiences, and get additional prayer, teaching and Q/A support on the topics in the course.

Lesson Audio Downloads

Members are able to download the audio for every lesson so Ready For Forever can go anywhere with you.

Group Prayer and Fasting

You won't be alone on this journey. There will be prayer and fasting as a group to support each other and lift each other up in prayer

Go At Your Own Pace!

Ideally, this course will take you about 6 weeks but since you have continued access to the content, you can take 10 weeks or 20 weeks to complete it. It's up to you. You can go at your own pace.

One on One Sessions!

Along the way, you will be able to schedule one on one sessions with Tobi to review the modules even deeper OR you can use those sessions for relationship counseling/coaching

Great for singles, courting & engaged couples!

SINGLES...why take this course now?

  • To work on yourself and bring your best self to your future relationship/marriage even if you don't know who your spouse will be
  • To have a clearer vision of what you are looking for in a spouse
  • So you can heal from past relationships and have more closure
  • To learn the values that drive your life so you can find someone who shares or complements those values
  • Because the best time to work on yourself and deal with your issues is not when you meet a wonderful person. A deeply flawed version of you will still ruin a relationship with a great person
  • Because the best time to prepare for a Godly relationship is before you meet someone without the pressure, and distractions. This will be the easiest time for you to concentrate on yourself and make the changes you need to make in yourself
  • Much more!
  • ***Also...future openings of the course may come with price increases

DATING & COURTING COUPLES ...why take this course now?

  • To get on the same page in terms of expectations, values, and communication tools as you work towards marriage
  • To help you talk about the things that are difficult to talk about as you work towards marriage
  • Because being in love is not enough to be ready for marriage (and deep down, you know this)
  • Because perhaps the most dangerous thing to do is to wait till you are close to the wedding day to start getting guidance and counseling
  • Because the very fact that you feel in love in of itself makes it difficult to see past the deep issues you need to see and deal with
  • Much more...
  • ***Future openings of the course may come with price increases

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Collage Testimonial

Tobi has been instrumental in my growth as a woman in my 30s. As his motto and goal for "IJustMetMe" has been to assist young adults in pushing past the mire of identity crisis onto finding our divinely-inspired selves, I can say nothing but, "I have found me." His coaching and counseling brought me through one of the toughest times in my life. After losing love, one tends to think that one will never find oneself or love ever again. His wisdom and empowerment to re-train my brain helped tremendously and I am forever grateful.

Tiffani K.
Tiffani K.

Every Word I have read in Tobi's articles or heard at his event always hit a gusher in my spirit. His perspective on relationships and marital issues is so balanced and uncommon. The best part is how he delivers these uncommon principles with such clarity and simplicity that a 5-year old can understand. There are many relationship coaches but Tobi stands in a class of his own. Oludare B

Oludare B.
Oludare B.


I am so convinced that you will get so much value out of this course, that I am offering a 30

day money back guarantee. Yup.

If after 30 days, you feel like you have not gotten any value out of this course, send an email and your money will be refunded. Its that simple.

I prayerfully developed this program after speaking to thousands of singles at events and the clients I have coached from all over the world and I know that if you prayerfully take this course and immerse yourself in it, you will emerge as a better version of yourself that is better prepared for marriage in all the areas that matter.

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It's simply a matter of PERSPECTIVE!

  • Most couples will spend over $20,000 on a wedding but very little on self improvement in preparation for that marriage
  • Most couples will spend over $2500 on just wedding photography alone
  • Most singles will spend $120 every month on things they can’t remember
  • Most singles spend a lot of emotional energy looking for the right relationship and then hope to improve themselves to adapt to it...only to later realize that they should have improved themselves in order to find the right relationship
  • Most people spend $60,000 and years in preparation for careers that will probably change 7-8 times in their lifetimes, but spend almost no money and no time on preparing for a marriage they don't intend to ever change
  • Most couples will spend 6 months on planning for the wedding “day” but won't spend 6 weeks preparing for a marriage that lasts and thrives
  • Most dating couples will spend over $150 a month on meals and entertainment. (That’s $600 or more per year)
JOIN THE WAITING LISTBe the first to know when registration reopens (and get the first promo consideration)


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