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How To Break Up…Without Breaking The Person

How to break up without breaking the person

A break up can make or break a person. Literally. It can affect their world view…it can affect how they see people and how they navigate through life. What’s worse is that the longer and more serious the relationship was, the worse the negative effects can be if the breakup is not done right.  Read more

5 Lessons That Your Failed Relationships Can Teach You About Yourself And Life

Breakups suck. Period. If you were committed to the relationship. If you tried…if you stretched yourself even a little bit for the sake of the relationship….if you truly gave of yourself in the relationship, the break up will suck regardless of who initiated it. It doesn’t have to be an entirely sucky situation though.

5 lessons from failed relationships

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2 Things Classy Women Will Do On Valentine’s Day

Feb 14th is just around the corner and blood pressures around the world are starting to rise as many men figure out how to prove their love on Valentine’s Day. Flower shops are going to make up to 70% (or more) of their yearly revenue that week and restaurants are going to be packed!

So ladies…the question is…after all that effort and production he goes through, how will he feel about you the next morning?

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

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Love, Hate and Valentine’s Day: It’s Complicated

A glimpse into the intersection of HIS and HER Valentine’s Day diary. What he or she might really want to tell you, and how complicated the emotions sometimes are….

Merged Diary Entry: Feb 14th

I love Valentine’s Day. I love how pretty it is and how much activity there seems to be in the name of love. I have nothing against it all…after all, I am an expectant participant…and that’s why I hate you.

Love Hate and Valentine's Day

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My FREE eBook – How To Make Sure Your Values Are Aligned

The time has FINALLY come! The eBook is Ready! …and its FREE
 How to make sure your values are aligned

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Women, what happens when YOU make more money than him? How Women make it an Issue

This is the third post in a series about the dynamics of finances in the home.

It’s such a critical issue in a successful marriage.
Now, I think that BOTH men and women contribute to making it such a big deal or issue when the woman makes more money but it shouldn’t be that way. Oh and NO ladies….not all men are intimidated by successful women.

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