Perspective – Part 3: From Isolation to Incubation (The difference makes all the difference)

This thought has mattered more and more over the last few months.
remains so important the understand the difference, understand what happens in incubation…to understand what that means for you, and understand how to live in this “season” of what seems to be isolation in a way that you come out better on the other side.
Because it’s not too late for that.
Because the difference makes all the difference.

Literally. The difference between these two words could be the difference:

  • Between fear and faith 
  • Between peace and panic
  • Between productivity and apathy
  • Between depression and passion

In fact, we had an entire conference dedicated to this at the Ignite Church NYC community. (Link for videos below)

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So HOW do they differ? In 4 important ways

1. Isolation speaks to an overwhelming awareness of loneliness. 

Incubation speaks to being alone with yourself as you increase in self awareness

Big difference. If you reflect the general state of being and feeling for the last few months, which of these would your life point to?

2. Isolation speaks to separation from people we “want” to be with for social feedback.

Incubation speaks to separation from distraction for the sake of a higher purpose

This is getting real. No…it’s not that you’re being anti-social. It’s not like you suddenly got special (you have already been). It’s just that this is a SEASON…that is an opportunity for you to do certain things and do certain work on yourself…SO THAT you can be better for those people.

3. Isolation speaks to needing what is external to us, for survival.

Incubation speaks to maximizing what is INHERENT in us, for our growth

You have no idea what you are ALREADY carrying. The way I see this… (and you will see happening to some people already if you look closely)…if you play this right, this season is actually the perfect opportunity to birth what has been trapped in you. That thing that has not gotten an opportunity to be nurtured because “life” moved too fast. Do NOT waste this.

4.Isolation speaks to imprisonment for punishment.

Incubation speaks to being hidden for protection

Again…BIG difference. 
I am not talking about just physical protection….or even protection from the Covid-19 virus. I am not naive to think that someone reading this may have indeed had a bout of the infection. What i am talking about is the overall feeling  we have with “not carrying on with our lives”.

Like: Who gave you that rythm of life that you had? How did you arrive there? Who says that was the standard you should aim to live your life by? Some of you have been protected from the wrong relationships, the wrong environments and even some of you have been forced to work on some primary (home) relationships that you otherwise ignored because well, you escaped to work and “life”. 

In other words,

Incubation speaks of preparation, protection and possibilities.

But it’s not easy!
Not easy for things to look like you’re in prison and yet to know that you are being protected.

Just like the movies …when there’s a moment of crisis and the secret service start giving orders to the President. 
I want you to understand what that President understands…and that is

In moments if crisis, incubation and protection can often feel like isolation and imprisonment

That is where is starts …but there is more to know about all this. Like….

  • What exactly happens in incubation and what does that mean for you?
  • What are the specific questions you should be asking yourself about YOUR state of “incubation”?
  • How exactly do you change your mindset to really get into incubation mode?
  • How exactly do you incubate properly?
These are some of the things that I addressed during my session at our Incubation conference at Ignite Church NYC. Watch that conference session here where I break all that down.

This is your time. This is your season. Watch God work it all out for your good!

God bless you.
See you at the top.
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Again, here is the link to watch the conference session